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California Man Nicholas John Roske Charged With Attempting To Kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh Pleads Not GuiltyThe California man charged with attempting to murder Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh pleaded not guilty on Wednesday in a Maryland federal court.
California Lifts Attendance Limits On Houses Of Worship In Wake Of High Court RulingCalifornia on Monday lifted its limits on indoor worship services in the face of U.S. Supreme Court rulings that struck down the coronavirus public health mandates.
Gov. Newsom Slams Decision On Public Charge Rule: 'California Will Continue To Fight Against These Efforts To Terrorize Immigrant Families'The Supreme Court Monday in a 5-4 vote cleared the way for the Trump administration to make it more difficult for immigrants who rely on public assistance to obtain legal status.
Is Sleeping On The Sidewalk Protected By The Constitution? Homeless Crisis Reaches Supreme CourtThe United States Supreme Court met Friday to discuss whether the Constitution gives homeless people the right to sleep on the sidewalk.
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US Supreme Court Appears Ready To Overrule Precedent Allowing Unions To Gather Mandatory FeesThe Supreme Court appears ready to deal a major blow to organized labor as it considers the free speech rights of government workers who say they shouldn't be forced to pay fees to public sector unions.
U.S. Supreme Court To Decide On Gay Marriage Cases In AprilThe Supreme Court says it will decide whether same-sex couples nationwide have a right to marry under the Constitution.
High Court Allows California To Continue Banning Sale Of Foie GrasThe Supreme Court is allowing California to continue enforcing a law that bans the sale of foie gras.