Donald Trump Narrows Supreme Court Nominee List To 3 CandidatesThe leading contenders - who all have met with Trump - are William Pryor, Neil Gorsuch and Thomas Hardiman.
Potential High Court Nominee Nguyen Inspired By Her Family Jacqueline Nguyen knows adversity.
US Supreme Court Appears Ready To Overrule Precedent Allowing Unions To Gather Mandatory FeesThe Supreme Court appears ready to deal a major blow to organized labor as it considers the free speech rights of government workers who say they shouldn't be forced to pay fees to public sector unions.
U.S. Supreme Court To Decide On Gay Marriage Cases In AprilThe Supreme Court says it will decide whether same-sex couples nationwide have a right to marry under the Constitution.
High Court Allows California To Continue Banning Sale Of Foie GrasThe Supreme Court is allowing California to continue enforcing a law that bans the sale of foie gras.
Supreme Court Denies States' Appeals To Prohibit Same-Sex MarriageThe Supreme Court has turned away appeals from five states seeking to prohibit same-sex marriages, paving the way for an immediate expansion of gay and lesbian unions.
Same-Sex Marriage Heading For Supreme Court Vote? Both sides in the gay marriage debate agree on one thing: It's time for the Supreme Court to settle the matter.
Your City Guide to Washington D.C.Refer to this guide to the best dining, lodging and attractions in Washington D.C.
Supreme Court Considers Warrantless Cellphone SearchesThe Supreme Court is considering whether police may search cellphones found on people they arrest without first getting a warrant.
Calif. Readies For Possible Return Of Gay Marriage Planning a party for thousands of people would be a challenge under the best of circumstances. Now imagine trying to pull off such a gathering without knowing what day it should happen or if there even will be cause for celebration.
US Supreme Court Takes Up Defense Of Marriage ActIn the second of back-to-back gay marriage cases, the Supreme Court turned Wednesday to a constitutional challenge to the law that prevents legally married gay Americans from collecting federal benefits generally available to straight married couples.