'Boomerang Earthquakes' May Mean One Quake Can Strike TwiceCan an earthquake turn around and strike twice? New research has some seismologists saying yes.
Preliminary 5.8-Magnitude Quake Hits Near Lone Pine; Shaking Felt All The Way To Central ValleyA preliminary 5.8-magnitude quake that struck near Lone Pine in Inyo County was felt all the way to Central California on Wednesday.
3.6-Magnitude Quake Hits Near Redwood ValleyA magnitude 3.6 earthquake shook near Clearlake late Tuesday morning.
3.9-Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Central Coast Near MontereyA moderate earthquake shook the inland Central Coast on Tuesday morning.
5.3 Earthquake Shakes Off Coast Near California-Oregon BorderTwo earthquakes hit within 45 minutes of each other off the coast of the Oregon-California border.
Cluster Of Small Quakes Continues To Hit Off California ShoreA cluster of small undersea earthquakes has continued off Southern California near San Clemente Island.
Mt. Shasta On List Of Volcanoes With ‘Very High Threat’ Of EruptionGovernment scientists are classifying 18 U.S. volcanoes as a "very high threat" because of what's been happening inside them and how close they are to people.
Hawaii Volcano Raises Concerns Of Eruptions Along West CoastThe eruption of a Hawaii volcano in the Pacific "Ring of Fire" has experts warily eyeing volcanic peaks on America's West Coast that are also part of the geologically active region.
Moderate Earthquake Hits Far Off The Coast, Southwest Of EurekaA moderate earthquake has struck off the coast of far Northern California early Friday afternoon.
Preliminary Magnitude 3.3 Quake Shakes East BayA magnitude 3.3 earthquake rattled some East Bay residents early Wednesday afternoon, according to the US Geological Survey.
Oklahoma Quake Risk Now Similar To Northern CaliforniaThe ground east of the Rockies is far more likely to shake this year with damaging though not deadly earthquakes, federal seismologists report in a new risk map for 2016. Much of that is a man-made byproduct of drilling for energy.