Deadline Looms For Group Hoping To Repeal Mandatory Vaccine LawOpponents of an effort to repeal California's new law requiring mandatory vaccines for schoolchildren are facing a Monday deadline for a ballot initiative asking voters to repeal the law.
Vaccine Law Opponents Vow To Overturn Law With ReferendumFormer assemblyman and Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly filed the referendum. If petitioners gather more than 365,000 signatures, the measure will be placed on the November 2016 ballot. Also, the law scheduled to go into effect months before that election would be on hold until after the vote.
Godwin's Law Enters California Vaccine Bill Debate As Opponents Compare Author To HitlerA California bill that would sharply limit vaccination waivers after a Disneyland measles outbreak has generated such an acidic debate that the proposal's author was under added security this week.
Anti-Vaccine Crowd Protests California's Mandatory Vaccination Bill At Capitol“We believe that God gave us the ability to heal from within and he gave us all the tools to heal naturally so we're willing to risk a childhood illness over risking something more serious like autism,” Trisha Wimbs said.
Thousands Will Die From Flu This Year, Doctors PredictAlthough concerns are mounting across the nation of Ebola exposure, doctors fear the focus could be diverting attention from another potential threat: the flu.
Study: Flu Vaccine Works Better For WomenHigher levels of testosterone linked with weaker antibody reaction.
Study: Whooping Cough Vaccination Fades In Three YearsThe vaccine against whooping cough falters after only about three years, a preliminary study suggests, adding support to school rules requiring kids to get the vaccination periodically.
New California Law Requires Whooping Cough Vaccine For Grades 7-12California health officials want parents of teens to get up to date on their whooping cough vaccine to get into compliance with a new law for 2011.