Health Officials Warning Of Incidents Of Ocular Syphilis Along West CoastLos Angeles County health officials are warning doctors to be on the lookout for patients reporting unusual vision problems, after clusters of syphilis that cause blindness have been reported on the West Coast.
AP: West Coast Port Dispute Talks Focus On Southern California ArbitratorThree people with knowledge of the contract talks say negotiators for the dockworkers' union want arbitrator David Miller out, while the association representing employers will not support changes that would allow his immediate removal.
Lawmakers Call For Action On Dispute That Has Stymied 29 California PortsAs cargo piles up at harbors backing up both imports and exports, pressure is building from lawmakers for the shippers and their union to end the labor dispute.
Study: Sahara Desert Increasingly Responsible For Snow, Rain In Western USOne of the driest spots on Earth — the Sahara desert — is increasingly responsible for snow and rain half a world away in the western U.S., a new study released Thursday found.
West Coast Girds For More Tsunami Debris This WinterThe West Coast this winter is bracing for more sightings of debris washed away by the Japan tsunami.
Experts: Richmond Refinery Fire Will Raise Gas PricesA major fire at one of the country's biggest oil refineries that sent scores of people to hospitals with breathing problems will push gas prices above $4 a gallon on the West Coast, analysts said Tuesday.
President Obama Arrives In NorCalPresident Barack Obama has arrived in Northern California. Air Force One touched down at Moffett Field in Mountain View around 5:30 p.m. Sunday.
Radiation From Japan Spiked On West Coast In MarchA spike in radioactive sulfur from the damaged Japanese nuclear plant was detected in California in late March, but researchers say it posed no threat to health.
Obama Mixing Politics And Policy On West Coast VisitStepping away from Washington's contentious fiscal debates, President Barack Obama is making a West Coast trip aimed at building support for his deficit-reduction plans and raising money for his re-election campaign.
West Coast Not Prepared For Massive TsunamiScientists say it's inevitable that an offshore seismic menace called the Cascadia Subduction Zone will one day unleash a megaquake. The last time it happened was 300 years ago when a magnitude-9 shaker spawned enormous ocean waves that slammed into the West Coast and damaged Japanese fishing villages.
Feds Deploy More Radiation Monitors In Western USFederal environmental regulators say they are adding more radiation monitors in the western United States and Pacific territories as concerns rise over exposure from damaged nuclear plants in Japan.