Body Found Floating In Yolo Bypass Near WoodlandYolo County Sheriff's Deputies say a body has been found in the Yolo Bypass.
25 Gates Opened At Sacramento Weir As Wet Weather ContinuesThe gates of the Sacramento Weir have been reopened after nearly a week of wet weather.
Sacramento Weir Will Open For First Time In 11 Years To Flood Yolo BypassOpening the wooden gates allows water to flow into the area, flooding out the Yolo Bypass in times of extreme rain.
What's That Rotten Smell In Yolo County?Jeffery Stoddard with the Department of Fish and Wildlife says it’s coming from the Yolo Bypass. The nature preserve between Davis and Sacramento flooded this winter for the first time in more than four years.
VIDEO: Yolo Bypass Flooded For First Time Since 2012Recent rains have swollen the Sacramento River to the point that its spilling over the Fremont Weir - meaning the Yolo Bypass is flooding.
Body Found In East Side Of Yolo BypassA body has been found in Yolo County in the Yolo Bypass near the Yolo Causeway.
Experiment Using Flooded Rice Fields As Young Salmon Habitat SuccessfulFlooded rice fields appear capable of serving as substitutes for now-depleted wetlands and helping California's Chinook salmon population recover, researchers have concluded.
Rising Rivers Trap Sturgeon In BypassReceding flood waters have stranded dozens of sturgeon in the Yolo County flood plains, and wildlife officials have been working to bring them back to the main river before nature or poachers finish them off.