Say you’re a tourist in Sacramento. Better yet, say you’ve lived in Sacramento for years. You know you should go see the sights, and you know those sights will always be there, but you just keep putting it off. Well, Sacto has so much to offer, and this list serves as  reminder as to what Sacramentoans have that no place else does. So, this is a call to action. Take this short list in, and scratch them off your bucket list.
Old Sacramento

It’s one of the very oldest downtowns in California, so old that the 28 acre district is on the list of State Historical Landmarks. And the city of Sacramento has run with it. Shops, restaurants, and various other attractions dot the waterfront of the American River. There are a number of hotels to provide boarding in the area, while you take a horse and buggy ride, hop on the Sacramento Southern Railroad, visit loads of museums and so much more.

The Fabulous 40s
1232 43rd St.
Sacramento, CA 95816

No specific website info because it’s not a collective, it’s a collection of homes worth all the gawking you can muster. These historic East Sacramento homes are known as the crown jewel of the city. You’ll often hear about the area in conjunction with Christmas light tours, but the area architecture — in all its various styles (Tudor, Colonial Revival, Arts and Crafts, California Bungalow) — are Sunday stroll-worthy, all year long.

Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park
800 N St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 324-0575

Speaking or architectural, historical attractions, the Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park has been preserved in its Victorian era elegance. Attractions include 17-foot ceilings, foil mirrors with carved moldings, 19th-century crystal and bronze light fixtures, historic paintings, re-created carpeting and draperies to replicate photographs from the 1870s, period furnishings that belonged to the Stanfords, and 19th-century style gardens. This home serves as a walk back in time.

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Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park
2701 L St.
Sacramento CA, 95816
(916) 445-4422

In 1839, an immigrant from Switzerland named John Sutter received a land grant from the Mexican government. He used the land to create a robust agricultural empire and named New Switzerland. That agricultural empire established Sacramento’s earliest settlement and the first non-Indian settlement in Northern California. Today, the fort abounds with historical reenactments, museum artifacts, and special events (including weddings). Entry prices are $5 for adults (18 years and older), $3 for youth $3 (ages 6 to 17) and children get in free (5 and under).

American River Parkway
Hasel to Discovery Park,
Sacramento, CA 95825
(916) 875-6961

Known for its gorgeous bridges, the American River Parkway is a glistening reminder that the countryside isn’t far away. A great place for riding a bike, walking or jogging, the river has its own trail system that has been hailed as “a bicyclist paradise.” Weekdays are less crowded, but anytime is the right time to take in the fish, wildlife and plant life this stretch of Sacramento has to offer. So, tune into the splendor of mother nature right outside your back door.

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Christopher Millard is a freelance writer and cultural critic whose music reviews can be found on He also works as a publicist for Valence Communications Group and is a contributor to the health and wellness magazine, Hybrid. Chris currently resides in Sacramento, California.