Ian Waggoner is an expert on keeping your pet cool this summer. He works at the Pet Department Store. Waggoner is one of four employees at the store that has been operating on J St. for more than 20 years by the same owner. Waggoner has worked there for more than four years and in that time, he has accumulated vast knowledge about dog and cat food and supplies. He and the other employees pride themselves on their customer service and knowledge of the animals and their special needs.
Pet Department Store
4747 J St.
Sacramento, CA 95819
(916) 266-0452

Waggoner, along with the other employees, have extensive experience and knowledge of the products the store carries, as well as general knowledge of the pet industry. They work as a team to order products, unload and stock product, and provide excellent customer service offering advice on how to deal with any issues regarding dogs or cats. Here are his tips on keeping your pet cool this summer.

1) Access To Fresh Water

Always make sure your pet has access to fresh water wherever you go. Dogs drink water and pant in an effort to cool themselves down. Avoid walking on hot ground. If the temperature is extremely hot outside for you, it’s even hotter for your pet. Your pet walks much closer to the ground so they feel that heat more. This is mostly felt on the pads of their paws.

2) Don’t Leave Pets In The Car

Try not to ever leave pets in the car. The Pet Department Store loves customers to bring their dog or cat into the store to shop with them. Always find another alternative than leaving pets in the car.

3) Best Time To Walk

Go for walks early in the morning or later at night in order to avoid the heat. The ground will be much cooler to walk on and the lower temperature will be more tolerable.

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4) Know Your Meat Proteins

Know the meat protein source in the food you feed your dog or cat. There are warm, cool, and neutral meats. Red meats are warmer meats meaning that the animals digestive system is going to work a little harder to digest them. This is fine in the colder months because it heats the animals’s body from within. Cooler meats like fish or turkey are easier to digest, which makes them better to be fed in the summer. Dogs and cats may also eat less in the summer time due to the high temperature.

5) Cooling Products

The fifth tip is for those who want to do a little extra and purchase a product to help keep your dog or cat cool. There are cooling vests, cooling collars, and cooling mats. If your dog or cat likes the water, the store has life jackets in all sizes for sale. Consider buying a water toy that floats and can be tossed into the water for retrieval.

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