Boutique owner Mary Kawano offers these tips on Sacramento’s fashion forecast for the fall of 2016.

Mary Kawano of Krazy Marys (Credit: Valerie Heimerich)

Mary Kawano
Krazy Mary’s Fashion Boutique
3230 Folsom Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 442-6279

Sacramento native Mary Kawano owns and operates two successful boutiques, Krazy Mary’s and Sugar Shack. She learned about business while growing up in the family restaurant, Nagato Sukiyaki, and came to love fashion, admiring the edgy ’70s outfits worn by one of the restaurant’s cooks. Krazy Mary’s opened in 2000 and has a large following of loyal customers. Many of the region’s most successful designers and boutique owners give props to Kawano, who helped them get started and grow in the field of fashion. For Kawano, new styles mean exciting new opportunities for self-expression, but one shouldn’t be worn simply because it is trendy. “If you’re not comfortable in that style, color or material, just pick something else. Try things on until you find the style that makes you feel good.”

Color Me Natural

Autumn’s palette leans toward “terrain and forest” tones, with key roles played by rose quartz, soft blues, olive, burgundy, copper, taupe, biscuit, navy and marigold. “Dark chocolate espresso is the new black for the season,” she notes happily, although black will always play a role. “Gray will also be a staple,” according to Kawano, but in pretty, lighter tones like sharkskin. Fashionistas will shine in whimsical, complimentary color combinations such as purple with spicy mustard or chocolate brown with baby blue and dusty pink. Lush meadow green and serious reds are on tap for the holiday season.

Details Matter

Boho and boxy styles have been popular, but are fading back to make way for a more tailored, shapely and figure-flattering silhouette. Pretty ruffles add definition and will be a frequent detail seen on everything from tops to dresses. “Off the shoulder, cold shoulder and one shoulder tops are a great, sassy 1980s statement,” says Kawano, and they come in various sleeve lengths and designs. Layering is always valuable for seasonal transitions and has endless options. “Try a satin camisole with pinstripe suiting or a suede skirt,” she suggests, “lavender shirt with metallics. Velvet can be a pop for soft gray tones.”

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Top It Off

Coats are center-stage, and Kawano says she is “seeing a lot of David Bowie influences.” Bombers are the stars of the season; this classic style will be updated in olive, navy blue, army green and burgundy. Trench coats, pea coats and other military-style jackets will also be popular for layering, look for these in velvet, satin, metallic fabrics and even pleather. Previously cropped coats will be somewhat longer this autumn, a more flattering look for all body types. Shearling jackets will also be a bit tailored and worn in fun colors like navy or copper. Faux fur accents in rose quartz, mauve and other trendy tones will add texture and whimsy to the look.


Recent trends included wearing multiple, delicate necklaces and other jewelry made with plenty of beads, feathers, fringe, hamsa and dream-catcher designs and natural fiber detailing. But Kawano says that “boho is too much” this fall, since there will already be multiple layers of clothing being worn. More contemporary, and less busy, pieces are on track for the season; copper, rose gold and other metallic materials help create a clean, strong statement. Necklaces will be either long or choker styles, typically featuring just one, larger pendant. Statement earrings, rings, bracelets and cuffs with also be on trend. Rhinestones will begin to appear, particularly towards the holidays, a look Kawano admits she loves.

Statement jewelry for Fall 2016 at Krazy Marys (Credit: Valerie Heimerich)

Shoes And Accessories

Shoe styles from the ’70s and ’80s will be back on trend; platform shoes and highly wearable, classic pumps will be perfect for Sacramentans this fall. Look for wrap-style belts, skinny or wide, in pleather, leather and metals and in updated colors like burgundy and chocolate espresso brown. Handbags with loosely-tied top knot handles, which Kawano says look very good in velvet, cross-body purses and handle clutches are great sidekicks. Metallic embellishments and bling will punch up the look as well.

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Valerie Heimerich is a freelance writer out of Sacramento. She typically covers business, employment, animal rescue, volunteerism and nonprofits.