Chinese is the great American take-out food. And just like any city, Sacto has a plethora of Chinese cuisine eateries, some good, some bad. It’s easy to find oneself in a less-than-quality spot. But here’s a list of the finest Sacramento has to offer, and while take-out is always an option, these choice establishments are great for eating in, combined with a night on the town.
Shanghai Garden
800 Alhambra Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 446-6358

Imagine yourself in the brightly-colored contemporary lighting of this Szechuan-oriented eatery. A gorgeous setting is the least of what this spot has to offer. Szechuan cuisine can be a bit on the spicy side, but Shanghai Gardens is happy to tailor their spice to your needs. They pride themselves on serving up a “new” style of Szechuan, and that new style lands them as best of the best in Sacramento Chinese. Swing on by, and be amazed.

May Flower Chinese  
3022 L St.
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 737-2222

Shredded jellyfish is just one of the many wonders on the May Flower menu. Another is their “clay pot” menu, which uses traditional, seasoned clay pot cooking techniques to create a menu known for its moisture and full flavor. They also tout a modestly priced lunch menu. With an easily accessible location in a prime spot, (right off Alhambra), it is no wonder they are considered one of Sacramento’s best.

Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant  
2800 Broadway, Suite 1
Sacramento, CA 95817
(916) 451-3888

For a full dinner on the cheaper side, Golden Dragon is hard to beat. A modern interior and a cozy setting make this Broadway restaurant a gem among many Broadway spots. A couple can eat a full meal at Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant for under $30, and each dish will easily set you up with leftovers. The egg foo yung is a local fan favorite, and Golden Dragon doesn’t skimp on the veggies. If a non-greasy, affordable, high quality Chinese meal is what you’re after, the Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant should be at the top of your list.

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Po Po Garden  
711 56th St,
Sacramento, CA 95819
(916) 455-3764

Known primarily as a take away Sacramento favorite, Po Po Garden has all the classic Chinese dishes available. Those “classic” dishes are given the Po Po Garden modernized treatment, with high quality fresh ingredients at a great price. Their lunch specials don’t creep above $8, and their daily lunch meals come with an egg roll, soup and a choice of rice. All in all, Po Po is a great deal for the price.

Temple Garden  
5701 Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95817
(916) 739-1039

Lauded as a great neighborhood Chinese joint, Temple Garden does not hide behind a boat load of sides. Instead, they deliver high quality, affordable Chinese cuisine. For area delivery, there is a $20 minimum, with Newton Booth, Alhambra Triangle, North Oak Park, Oak Park, Elmhurst, Fairgrounds and Tahoe Park being within their boundaries. The University of California Davis Medical Center is a stone’s throw away, and you can often catch personnel grazing on some orange chicken, one of Temple Garden’s specialties.

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Christopher Millard is a freelance writer and cultural critic whose music reviews can be found on He also works as a publicist for Valence Communications Group and is a contributor to the health and wellness magazine, Hybrid. Chris currently resides in Sacramento, California.