If a man or woman’s home is their castle, then the room with a throne should be a place fit for royalty. Given the amount of time the average person spends in the bathroom, it is worthwhile to make it comfortable. Whether you want to create a soothing, restful oasis, a fun and functional kid-friendly space or an elegant and stylish room, these Sacramento businesses have what it takes.

Mixed Bag
2405 K St.
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 447-6123

Although the store carries an extensive collection of perfumed bath potions, oils, soaps and scrubs, the real stars are less traditional. A sultry Marilyn Monroe rubber ducky, shower steamer tablets to ease allergy or hangover symptoms and Baby’s Head scented bathroom air fresheners are just a few examples. The selection of bath accessories for children cannot be topped; kids will beg for bath time with tub-safe toys, games, books, musical instruments and bubble bath finger-paints.

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Taylor’s Art & Soul
114 K St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 444-0055

The shop offers delectably scented soaps, candles and art pieces in many mediums created by local artisans or national talents who fly under the radar of traditional galleries. Whether you desire décor that is elegant, calming, colorful or whimsical, Taylor’s has just the right accents that you need. Wall art, photographic pieces, raku ceramics, pottery and even reasonably priced limited edition artwork is available. Art & Soul also carries Storysquares, customizable collections of photo frames and square artwork designs that highlight family, hobbies and notable occasions such as births and anniversaries.

The Gifted Gardener
1730 J St.
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 447-5956

Going to a garden shop for bath décor may seem counterintuitive, but The Gifted Gardener is not typical in any way. There are luxurious soaps and balms in scents like lemongrass, vanilla bean, sage, verbena and sunflower, and bath essences with honey, marigolds and rose mint. A wide variety of wall art can set the tone, and tabletop fountains, incense and candles will complete the feel of your private oasis. Since most of the art and sculptures are designed for outdoor use, they are perfectly suited for a damp, steamy bathroom.

Thrift Town
410 El Camino Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95815
(916) 922-9942

Students moving away for college or anyone interested in getting the most for their money will appreciate the gently used merchandise at Thrift Town. The store is especially good for bathroom staples such as towels, washcloths and shower caddies, and generally has bath mats, rugs and toilet seat covers as well. Prices are usually pennies on the dollar, and each day, items with a certain color tag are 50 percent off. Bathroom mirrors, cabinets and wall art are often available, but just come back if you don’t see what you want. Around 4,000 new items come to the store every day.

Lumens Light + Living
2028 K St.
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 444-5585

Lumens has stunning bathroom lights, bars and sconces in styles that are traditional, modern, ornate, artistic or fun. In addition to bathroom organizers, door hooks, soap dishes and other fixtures, it also offers accessories like clocks, razors, scales and designer towel, rug and robe sets. Products that are more unusual include several wall-mountable holders to keep iPods and other electronics high and dry.

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