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Homeschooling was the way of life centuries ago, and even though resources were limited, many children who were homeschooled became successful in life. Today, parents homeschool children for many reasons such as dissatisfaction with the public school systems, religious beliefs or families live in rural areas or abroad. But homeschooling is not an easy task, as parents must continue to stay educated in the advanced techniques and technology of learning and remain within the guidelines of an approved curriculum. To stay in compliance with school curriculums, laws, regulations and requirements, parents must seek out the best resources. Take a look at the resources available in the Sacramento area.

A Brighter Child
8125 Greenback Lane
Fair Oaks, CA 95628
(916) 722-2228

When homeschooling your child, you want the best educational reference material and supplies available. A Brighter Child offers just that. In this store, materials range from instructional manuals, science, math, English and art materials. Even if you have a special needs child, not to worry. You will find the resources in this store. In fact, the resources available are tailored to support your homeschooling systems. If you are unable to go to the store location, check A Brighter Child out online.

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A and Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling

A and Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling is part of a support group that offers events, news and exchange of information regarding children who are homeschooled. You can find various chat groups in and around the Sacramento area, and become involved with other parents who homeschool their children. The group networks to provide activities for the children which includes field trips and various interactions between families. This exposure enables children to maintain social abilities, an issue that concerns many educators regarding children who are homeschooled. The resource materials available can get you started in homeschooling and provide information about the different styles of teaching, which includes curriculum and approach.

(916) 668-0401

Religious preference is a significant reason for why many parents homeschool their children. The Sacramento Christian Organization of Parent Educators (SCOPE) is faith based and provides a scope of information for homeschool instructors. You can connect with groups to comfort your ideology regarding child learning and rearing as it relates to biblical standards. The teen and parent support groups at SCOPE offer activities coordinated between the adults and children, and you can join chat groups. As a subscriber to SCOPE, your child has the opportunity to participate in a graduation ceremony. Click here for more details. SCOPE provides resources sure to meet the needs of children being raised in a Christian environment, including children who have special needs.

Wholistic Learning Resources
(916) 606-0799


Wholistic Learning Resources is a community that offers classes to homeschooled students and parents which include music, painting, drama, parent’s education, yoga and private lesson or tutoring. WLR has approved, highly qualified specialists who are concerned about the education of homeschooled children. Taking classes outside of the perimeter of your home will enhance your child’s learning. This site provides comfort for the parent and other siblings while your child attends class. Click here for class descriptions and schedules.

Private & Home Educators of California
A Program of Family Protection Ministries
(916) 786-3523

Knowing your rights and legal status as a home educator is most important, as legislative bills and laws continue to change annually. Learn the legal facts about immunization, homeschool requirements and withdrawing your child from a public school. Keeping up with changes in the laws can be difficult and an oversight that can lead parents into a dilemma. Family Protection Ministries aims to protect parents by providing the most recent updated legislative resources for homeschoolers. You will understand your rights as the parent and the rights of your child while educating them in the privacy of your home.

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