Sacramento’s local band scene isn’t known for being pretty. It’s about being gritty, self-starting and making music regardless of the lack of venue space or the bad rap that Sacramento often has to fight over. Sacramento’s growing band scene has somewhat encouraged and fostered a craft focused DIY sort of vibe. If you know the right people and frequent the most popular indie press rags both online and in print, you’re sure to find plenty of house shows, coffee shop concerts and bar parties. With that said, there are plenty of great up-and-coming bands for 2016 that we’ve kept our eye on that should make a splash beyond our county limits.
Sun Valley Gun Club


(Credit: Sun Valley Gun Club)

sunvalleygunclub.comAccording to BandCamp, Sun Valley Gun Club has just finished their second record with a limited edition 300 run pressing on vinyl, but with a full download available online. If you’re someone going through one of life’s numerous transitions or are just someone with a young heart, you’ll love Sun Valley Gun Club. Evan Baily’s vocals match perfectly with the overall theme of their songs: growing up.

Peace Killers


(Credit: Peacekillers)

peacekillers.bandcamp.comPeace Killers reminds you that metal music doesn’t have to have the sole purpose of scaring you. With Andrew Harrison on vocals, the Peace Killers take to the stage with plenty of deep tones, a good rhythm and head-banging solos. For 2016, their debut album is set to drop in early January, so expect nothing but good things from this band. Check out their latest EP on Bandcamp for a taste of this ’70s metal revival sort of band.

Dog Party

(Credit: Dog Party/Facebook)

(Credit: Dog Party) Party only consists of two pop-punk sisters, Gwendolyn and Lucy Giles, and if their onstage personalities aren’t what initially draw you in, their vocals will do the job. According to their fan page, their music is “full of catchy melodies, tight harmonies, fuzz pedals and big drums, what more could you want?” Their music draws inspiration from the Ramones and other contemporaries like Ty Segall and Tiger Trap. 2015 marked the release of their sophomore album so only expect big things from this pop-punk duo in 2016. Check out three of their tracks on SoundCloud for a taste of what’s to come.

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mindflowers1.bandcamp.comBack in September of this year, MindFlowers released a new record that was initially released on tape to rave reviews. MindFlowers has been a staple of Sacramento Indie Music for the better part of this decade, playing a couple of gigs at Old Ironsides and other local bars. Chris Billington is the genius behind this group’s psychedelic rock group sound. Check out MindFlowers on BandCamp and consider buying this band’s smooth sounds, most particularly “The River” track.

Whiskey And Stitches

(Credit: Whiskey and Stitches/

(Credit: Whiskey and Stitches) and Stitches was one of the headlining acts in the inaugural Sacramento First Fest in 2015. Oftentimes a litmus test of any great American band is how they perform “Wayfaring Stranger,” one America’s greatest folk songs of all time, and their rendition absolutely kills it, with James Wilson on the mandolin and Mike McCarrick on Vocals. As First Fest is again just around the corner, the festival is seeking entrants, Whiskey and Stitches are sure to once again make an appearance. If you have a hankering for an Irish-American pub sound, Whiskey and Stitches will scratch that itch.

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