Keeping up with the art scene around here can be a full-time job. No matter where you are in the greater Sacramento area, you’ll find art galleries, art studios and artists. They all produce some amazing artwork. Some you wear, some you hang and some you install. All of it is a testament to the beauty of the area, and a great support system from the public.

Beverly Burris

Steampunk is an artistic phenomenon that has a firm foothold in Sacramento. Beverly Burris is one of the artists who has that foothold. She draws every day, and is influenced by life. Living and working in Sacramento has enabled her to live what she calls a minimalistic lifestyle. She is on a constant lookout for more ways to conserve. Major artists who have influenced her work include Sas Christian, Mark Ryden, and Salvador Dali. Burris’ work reflects her childhood and, as she says, “…represents truth overcoming ignorance.” Burris is also an illustrator of children’s books, giving her an even greater venue for her drawing and painting abilities.

Z.E. Pangborn

Pangborn is the resident artist at Volution. He is also the owner and the creator of the gallery. His work has been described as precise, as stories on canvas and, at times, otherworldly. The paintings and drawings are extremely well done and involve a major amount of creativity. Color is a big part of the art he produces. The gallery “…turns about the idea that everyone deserves art. We look for ways to connect people with art in a meaningful way–seeking out artists who produce unique and stimulating works and finding ways to make those works accessible and affordable.” Pangborn’s studio is easily accessible on Main Street in Placerville.

Raphael Duenes Delgado

Raphael’s art works began back in high school, which is when he was given his first set of quality oils and brushes. He is a multi-talented painter and artist who draws from a wide spectrum of art movements. He is a print maker, painter and sculptor. His current path is abstract in nature, influenced by the Cubists. He also has a strong interest in the arts as therapy, especially with children. He developed his own string theory method. Not only does he apply paint, but part of his expertise is in scraping paint that he has laid down. His body of work is widely collected, and covers quite a lot of art territory.

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Shannon Raney

Shannon Raney is an energetic and wide-ranging Sacramento artist. She is also an art educator and teacher. Her artistic vision covers a lot of territory. Raney doesn’t limit herself to any one style or medium. Painting with acrylics and using mixed media are in her portfolio. Collage is an area that comes naturally from the first two. She created Flight of Fancy, which involves creating one piece of artwork a day. What’s next for this artist? She’s developed an interest in sculpture. While she explores quite a few methods of creating art, it all seems to work rather well. Sacramento would do well to keep on eye on Raney and her work.

Laura Caron

Laura Caron paints. It is what her passion is. Looking at the body of work she has produced shows an affinity for richness in color and form. According to her, she strives to “…create art that portrays the human condition in both a thoughtful and emotional way.” It’s quite clear that she does exactly that. She paints the human figure, and throws in an intriguing bit of abstract treatment to quite a few of her paintings. Her work, like that of most artists, continues to evolve, not only in content, but in the techniques of how she expresses her work.

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Charles Ferris is a freelance writer who has lived in the Sierra, halfway between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, for the last 37 years. In 2010 he retired from teaching after 36 years . He and his wife hike, kayak, cross country ski, snow shoe, ride mountain bikes and road bikes, year round. His work can be found at