Our Sacramento City Parks and Recreation Department offers and provides tangible services and amenities that directly impact people’s daily lives, whether they know it or not. With over 3,400 acres of greenery and open space maintained, a job well done by the Parks and Rec means you’ll never have to see sidewalks filled with weeds or dog parks with full trash cans. Besides clean parks and clean trails, did you know that if you want to reserve a gazebo or even want to become a certified life guard, our Sacramento City Parks and Recreation Department is the place to go? Here are a couple of the most important services offered by our Parks and Rec department you should take advantage of.
Sacramento City Parks & Recreation
4623 T St.
Sacramento CA 95819
(916) 808-6060
www.cityofsacramento.orgMost of your time spent interacting with the Sacramento City Parks and Recreation Department will most likely be spent getting permits. If you have a block party in mind, want to have a picnic to celebrate a birthday, want to use a sports field or have a special event with lots of people coming, you’ll need a permit. For example, did you know that a picnic lasting longer than 30 minutes technically requires a permit? Or that it would behoove a Little League baseball team to rent a field out during the day because it’s far more expensive to rent a field for night practice with the expense for electricity for lights.

Schedule Field Use For Recreational PlayIf you plan to hold a company softball game in the middle of the week, or want to set up a serious touch football game for Thanksgiving weekend, you can easily submit a permit for recreational use. The City of Sacramento has over 100 athletic fields to choose from to cater to a wide variety of outdoor activities. If you plan to submit a permit, keep in mind that you have to do so three days in advance. Availability can be checked online here. An application can be downloaded at by visiting Sacramento’s Parks and Rec page and handing the application to a clerk during business hours.

Reserve A Community Center For An EventThe city of Sacramento has over 16 Community Centers that not only offer health, fitness and youth programs, but has amenities available for use if you apply. For example, the George Sim Community Center is a great place to hold a ritzier event, while the Oak Park Community Center is more focused on kids and teens who are looking for after school activities. Each of the 16 community centers is oftentimes overlooked by a governing body not associated with the Parks and Recreation department directly. You’ll want to visit each community center page to see who to contact to make a reservation. Availability can be checked online here.

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Take Advantage Of Offered Classes & ActivitiesThe City Of Sacramento offers dozens of courses and activities that you should take advantage of. For example, the Access Leisure program has tons of activities for those who have developmental or physical disabilities. Parks and Rec even offers a couple of dog obedience classes for beginner and advanced dogs. Information and registration is easy to access thanks to their online registration system.

Start A Neighborhood AssociationYou’re paying rent or paying a mortgage off in our fair city and you want to take ownership of your neighborhood in one of the most vocal ways possible? Starting a neighborhood association is what you need to do. By starting a neighborhood association, you become the liaison for your area to the City of Sacramento, get to better know your neighbors and amplify your voice to help shape what happens in your neighborhood. If you’ve got the initiative to make change literally in your own backyard, the City of Sacramento can help.

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