By Nick Houser

Russell was headed North on J Street on a Saturday night when I approached him about being our next
Sacramento Scene Spotter. Luckily he had the time, the insight, and the willingness to share it with me.
A lifelong resident of Sacramento, Russell had a variety of great suggestions for places to visit for a good time in Sacramento. Here is what he had to say:

Name: Russell
Age: 32
How long have you lived in Sacramento? 30 years in Sacramento
Downtown specifically? One year in midtown.
Occupation? Massage Therapist

Photo Credit: Nick Houser

Where is your Saturday nightspot? Shady Lady. Laid back bar with live music.

Where do you go for a post-work drink? Centro. One can sit out on the patio and people watch while eating chips & salsa or sit inside watching the TV at the bar.

Do you have a favorite venue for live music? The Torch Club. I’ve seen some amazing bands in there!

When you’re in the mood to dance, where do you head? For the women who don’t want to be
constantly hit on – Badlands, a gay club playing some of the best top hits to dance to. Otherwise Momo Lounge and District 30 are good places to dance.

Are there any must-see places you take out-of-town friends? Dive Bar. Who wouldn’t want to see the occasional mermaid swimming in a 7,500 gallon aquarium?

When you think of “Downtown or Midtown Bar”, what do you think of? Q Street Bar & Grill. Every type of person seems to go there, the drinks are cheap, and they have an outdoor patio.

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Is there a particular bar that has really good food? Try ‘Round Corner Tavern’. They serve your typical “bar” food and even have food for your vegan friends. Their sweet potato fries are scrumptious!

If you’re not in the mood for a bar or club, what do you do instead? Capitol Park. Great views of the capitol, memorials to read about, and a beautiful rose garden.

After a long night out, where do you go for post-club eats? Burgers & Brew. Open until 3 a.m. serving some of the best burgers in town! Try the onion rings, you won’t be disappointed.

Is there any place you visit more often in the winter different from summer? The Mix. They have a fire pit on their rooftop patio overlooking the night sky in the cool, brisk air.

Nick Houser is a freelance writer who resides in the Sacramento area with his wife, two labs, and cat. He primarily writes about nightlife, entertainment, and sports. You can follow his writing at The Floating Midsection, his personal blog, or on Twitter.