Where to Find the Best Halloween Costumes in Sacramento

October 26, 2011 10:40 AM

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By Charlotte King

Looking for that perfect costume for a masquerade ball? Shopping for the kids and want yours to
look the cutest on the block? The following are some perfect places to grab some fun costumes for
Halloween; whether your drinking with your friends at a “Mad Men” themed party or painting the town
red at the Exotic Zone Ball you’ll be doing it in style.
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Photo Credit: Charlotte King

Evangeline’s Costume Mansion
113 K Street,
Sacramento, CA
(916) 448-2594

Ever find yourself looking for a costume inspiration? Or how about the perfect cigarette holder for that vampy 1920’s ensemble? The ultimate shopping destination for Halloween costumes is Evangeline’s. Their uniqueness in everything they sell might be the reason it’s always swamped with everyone from teenagers to tourists. Located in the Old Sacramento area, this is always the first place I head for all of my costuming needs, even if it’s not Halloween!

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Cheap Thrills Formal Wear
1209 21st St,
Sacramento, CA
(916) 446-4103
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This is the “down-towners” costume store. Hipsters please apply. Although this place caters to “Formal Wear”, it’s the costuming store for everyone that walks the night and day. It has had some ups and downs over the years but the store always seems to be busy, and it’s not just because it’s Halloween. The location is choice, the supply is massive, but the one deterrent is the service isn’t always exceptional, in were-too-cool hipster fashion it depends on the day if service will be good. But if you’re in a mood to browse and find some good ideas, and maybe an outfit to complete those ideas, this is your place.

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Broadway Costumes & Theatrical
3945 Franklin Blvd # A
Sacramento, CA 95820-1130
(916) 455-6021
Open Weekdays 10am-6pm; Sat 10am-4pm
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So you just got invited to a huge costume party and it’s no joke how good you want to look, either impressing your date or making an ex jealous? These are great reasons to get super decked out on one of the only days where you can legitimately be Cleopatra or Sookie from True Blood. If you’re going for authentic costuming for the “whole” enchilada then this is the place to go. From theater companies to high schools this place is used as an authentic source of costume inspiration.

kidsbee e1314304186720 Where to Find the Best Halloween Costumes in Sacramento

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Old Navy
1250 Howe Ave # 3
Sacramento, CA 95825
(916) 568-1896
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Ok, I know your thinking “Old Navy?,” but they have the cutest kids costumes from ages 6 months to 5 years! I know all my mommy-friends are always out to makes sure their kid looks more unique or adorable than all the other kids on the block. This will get that job done, plus I love that the costumes are made from real fabric instead of that weird plastic fabric that you pay an arm & leg for at the Party City places.

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2004 Del Paso Boulevard,
Sacramento, CA
(916) 920-0932
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Much like one of our previous selections this place is a great authentic source for “real” costuming, I think the benefit of Decades is the people. I’ve never been in hear without a list that I needed to get, and they always help me get everything from Vampire fangs to vintage corsets. They’ve been around forever, back to a time when the Del Paso area was a nicer place. So they have a great history for costumes, fix-it’s needed in a hurry, and inspiration for the under-whelmed party go-er.

Charlotte King is an aspiring food photographer, and freelance food & wine, and style writer in midtown
Sacramento. Find out more about her adventures at www.foodwinediva.com