Will A Positive Attitude Help In Fighting Lupus?One woman is determined to have a positive outlook despite having the disease.
Chobani Ordered To Yank Ads Picking On CompetitorsThe yogurt maker was calling out their competitors of their use of preservatives.
Bedbugs Resisting Insecticides, Giving Parasites New Lease On LifeNew research published in the Journal of Medical Entomology says bedbugs have grown a tolerance to the chemicals used to kill them.
Auburn Mayor Defends Helping VA Patient Smoke Marijuana To Help With ChemotherapyDr. William Kirby is a practicing urologist, and he revealed during a discussion on medical marijuana at the City Council meeting he sent someone to find marijuana on the streets for a patient.
UC Davis Doctor Pushes For CPR Training, Heart Devices After Elk Grove Student's Sudden DeathHe’s on a mission to reach schools and youth programs to train teachers and students in CPR, and getting children as young as Nguyen to use automatic external defibrillators, which send electric shocks to the heart.
Senior Fashionistas Celebrate 100 Years Of FashionLocal senior citizens got a chance to display everything from 1920's wedding dresses to military uniforms.
3-D Printers Helping Treat CancerWith advancing technology and dropping costs, this could be coming to a doctor near you.
Superhero IV Bags Give Kids Something To Smile About In HospitalThe idea from a college student is helping kids feel a little stronger in the face of tough times.
Pilot Program Uses Vaccine To Block Heroin HighPeople who get the vaccine report not being able to get high from heroin injections.
Sacramento Conference Puts Latina Health In FocusSpeaker after speaker stood before a roomful of women looking to make a difference in their community.
Popularity Of Hooka Smoking On The RiseSmoking is on the decline, but hookah smoking is increasing, despite having higher health risks.
Teen Smoking Declines; Exposure To Secondhand Smoke Remains SteadyWhile the number of teens smoking is lower, exposure to secondhand smoke remains the same.
Zuckerberg's Vaccination Photo Stirs Support, DebateThe billionaire Facebook chief posted the photo of his baby, Max, before she got her shots.
Health Experts Warn Against Using Activated Charcoal SupplementsActivated charcoal is being used in juices and other products, but specialists are warning people about this potentially harmful health trend.
Rush Of Patients Tests Patience At Sacramento Emergency RoomsAt one point Sacramento city fire officials say ambulances with patients were lined up at UC Davis Medical Center with a wait from one to four hours.
New Procedure Could Help Aging Boomers Ditch GlassesA tiny eye implant called Kamra has been recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. A disc is placed over the cornea in one eye, controlling the amount of light that’s let in.
EpiPen Price Surge Puts Pressure On Parents' Wallets For Life-Saving ToolIt would be hard not to notice. A twin-pack of EpiPens has gone from around $60 to more than $400 in the last 10 years.
Sacramento School Brings Fitness Into ClassroomThey call it "body-brain" education.
American Cancer Society: Women Should Start Breast Cancer Screenings LaterNew mammogram advice from the American Cancer Society says most women should start annual screenings at age 45 instead of 40.
Girl, 8, Survives Sudden Cardiac Arrest; Family Hopes To Raise AwarenessAt eight-years-old, Karla Vatca seems like any typical girl eager to get out and play and list off the names of her favorite toys.
Cheerios Recall Centered At Lodi Plant Raises Worries Among Those With Wheat AllergiesThe boxes are marked as gluten-free, but could contain wheat, which would be dangerous for people with wheat allergies and celiac disease.
Holiday Seedless GrapesThey're red, seedless and full of taste: Michael Marks talks about the Holiday Seedless variety.
Free Medical Marijuana Offered To Valley Fire VictimsThere are a few caveats, however.

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