Real 'Fountain Of Youth' Discovered In Italy?Scientists say they may have discovered a sort of "fountain of youth" somewhere in Italy.
Study Of Wine Connoisseurs Leads To Breakthrough In Alzheimer's ResearchThe keen sense of smell developed by a sommelier helped to increase the size of his brain.
Wellness Center Helps Those With Cancer CopeLocal wellness center helps people battling serious illnesses cope with the mental toll.
Rising Cost Of EpiPens Putting Families, Schools In PinchThe price of EpiPens has gone up from just over $100 in 2009 to more than $600 today.
Drumming Workouts Increasing In Popularity Across The NationIt's the latest exercise craze.
New Case Of Zika Concerns Florida ResidentsThe CDC is working hard to limit pregnant women's exposure to the virus.
CDC: Pregnant Women Should Not Travel To 'Zika Transmission Area' In FloridaThe advisory comes as the number of locally infected zika cases increases to 14.
Zika Arrives In US From Infected Mosquitoes For First TimeThe disease that is quickly spreading through Latin America is finally reaching the U.S. through mosquitoes.
Music Teacher Uses Music To Overcome Mental IllnessMore than half of all Americans will suffer from some form of mental illness at some point in their lives. And patients say the stigma associated with it can leave them feeling ashamed and isolated. But one woman is using her voice to inspire others.
Study: Health Risks Of Thumb Sucking Not As Bad As Previously ThoughtA study in the Journal of Pedriatrics says kids who bite their nails or suck their thumbs are less likely to develop allergies.
Scientists Working On Blood Test To Detect CancerSome promising results are being announced in Baltimore.
Help Save Lives Around The Pool, Designate A 'Water Watcher'With kids around the pool this weekend, it's important that there are eyes watching their movements to make sure they're safe.
Woman Who Gives Birth Says She Didn't Know She Was PregnantShe lost 10 pounds in 7 months, and even went hiking recently, but didn't know she was prengnant.
When It Comes To Whole Grains, The More The BetterWhen it comes to eating whole grains, a new international study says the more you eat the healthier you'll be.
Healthwatch: Pot Smoking, Toxic Shock SyndromeScientists are confirming something parents have been saying for years: Teens who drink alcohol and smoke marijuana get lower grades in school.
Boy Returns To Basketball Court After Brain SurgeryHis teammates were at the hospital every day.
Drought-Resistant Flowers For Your GardenThe Amador Flower Farm has everything a drought-conscious gardener could need.
Local Charity Wants To Help You Lose WeightTake the "Fight 4 Life" competition this Memorial Day weekend.
Mixing Health Education With Rest And RelaxationTony takes a look at the growing trend of education spas are giving out.
Call Kurtis: Sick of Prescription Drug Commercials? Doctors Are Too.Placerville viewer, Chris Jones wants them pulled. She thinks the commercials may convince people to ask for prescriptions they don't need.
Tips To Looking SmarterFirst impressions can make or break a job interview, a date, or a s pecial meeting. But here's the question: Are there ways to look smarter?
Cal Expo Farm ToursThe State Fair doesn't just hold events during the actual fair.
New Study Links Recreational Marijuana Use And Car CrashesThe AAA survey shows a national increase in marijuana use in weekend nighttime drivers and an increase in crashes in Washington after marijuana was legalized.
Study: Babies Who Eat Rice Cereal May Test High For ArsenicResearchers tracked eating habits of hundreds of babies.

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