Some taxpayers believe the cost are too high to hold a special election, while others upset with the way Governor Newsom has led the state are fine with the cost.

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Voters Split Over Whether Recall Election Is Worth The ExpenseSome taxpayers believe the cost are too high to hold a special election, while others upset with the way Governor Newsom has led the state are fine with the cost.
Newsom Recall Election Will Cost State $215 MillionDemocratic leaders in the California Legislature announced Thursday the state would cover the estimated $215 million cost to stage an expected recall election that could oust Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom from office, potentially allowing the contest to be held at an earlier date this year.
California Appeals Federal Judge’s Ruling That Overturned State’s Assault Weapons BanCalifornia is appealing last week’s ruling by a federal judge that overturned the state’s longtime ban on assault-style weapons, California Attorney General Rob Bonta announced Thursday.
Truckee Resident And Actress Alyssa Milano Considers Run For Congress In 2024Actress Alyssa Milano said she might run for Congress against Tom McClintock. Milano has a home in Truckee, which means she could be be elected to represent the 4th District.
Tuesday Is Deadline To Withdraw Recall SignaturesToday is the last day voters can request to have their signature removed from the petition to recall Governor Newsom. The California secretary of state's office said that in April, it verified the signatures needed to force a vote.
Gov. Newsom Condemns US Judge's Overturning Of California’s Ban On Assault WeaponsA federal judge Friday overturned California’s three-decade-old ban on assault weapons, ruling that it violates the constitutional right to bear arms.
California Creates Task Force To Study Slave ReparationsA first-in-the-country task force in California to study and recommend reparations for African Americans is conducting its inaugural meeting, launching a two-year process to address the harms of slavery and systemic racism.
Political Gary Dietrich On California's Vaccine LotteryCalifornia is starting its own COVID-19 vaccine incentive program that Gov. Gavin Newsom hopes will entice more people to get the shot. Dietrich gave us his take.
Political Expert Gary Dietrich Comments On Gov. Newsom's Statement About Gun ControlPolitical expert Gary Dietrich spoke to CBS13 about the passionate statements by Gov. Newsom on gun control following the mass shooting in San Jose.
This Week In Politics With Gary DietrichGov. Gavin Newsom's $76 billion surplus plan is not sitting well with ebveryone. CBS13 political analyst Gary Dietrich gives his take.
Sacramento Prosecutor Running For Sacramento County DAA refugee turned high-profile prosecutor is now running to be Sacramento County's next district attorney. Thien Ho was the lead prosecutor in the East Area Rapist case. He's now the third person to announce his candidacy.
Newsom's Income Increased During First Year As California GovernorCalifornia Gov. Gavin Newsom and his wife made $1.7 million in 2019 during his first year as governor, about half a million dollars more than they earned the year before, according to tax returns his campaign released Monday.
Newsom’s Budget Proposal Marks Largest Investment Ever In Cleanup EffortsGov. Gavin Newsom didn’t mince words talking about California needing a deep cleaning.
Steve Large's Full Interview With Gov. Gavin NewsomGovernor Newsom sat down with CBS13's Steve Large to discuss various current issues.
Lawmakers Asking To Reopen CapitolA bi-partisan coalition of lawmakers is asking Governor Newsom to reopen the state capitol in Sacramento.
Cox Campaign's Bear Stunt Decried By BEAR LeagueLaunching a bus tour in Sacramento with a live Kodiak bear named Tag ambling behind him in the hot sun, Cox promised to bring "beastly" changes to state government. The BEAR League wasn't happy with the stunt.
Stunt Involving Bear, Ads Bring California Recall Into News PhaseCalifornia's recall election now features “the beast" and a “compassionate disruptor." That's how John Cox and Caitlyn Jenner, Republicans running for California governor, pitched themselves to voters Tuesday in new campaign ads, taking different tones in their bids to oust Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.
VP Harris Becomes First VP To Have Wax Head At Madam Tussaud's Wax MuseumThe wax sculptures of V.P. Harris and Pres. Biden will be officially unveiled later this year.
Political Twists And Turns In Store If Newsom Is ReplacedSo far only ten candidates have filed statements of intention to run in the recall election including, former Olympian and transgender rights advocate Caitlyn Jenner, businessman John Cox, and former congressman Doug Ose.
Political Art Shown During High School Class In Sonora Upsets Some Parents And StudentsSome parents in Sonora are fired up after an example for a high school art project showed former president trump and the former first lady in a questionable light.
Gov. Newsom Recall Has Enough Signatures For ElectionThe number of valid signatures required to initiate a recall of Governor Gavin Newsom has reportedly been met, the California Secretary of State announced Monday (4/26).
Rob Bonta Confirmed As California's Next Attorney GeneralCalifornia lawmakers on Thursday approved the state’s first Filipino American to hold the top law enforcement job, saying the progressive Democrat is taking office during a critical debate over racial justice and the changing role of police.
Former US Vice President Walter Mondale Dies At Age 93The family of Walter Mondale says the former vice president has died at the age of 93.
Placerville City Council Votes Unanimously To Remove Noose From City LogoIn a late-night decision, city councilmembers voted to remove the noose from the logo. It's a huge decision by the city council that announced they're ready to move forward with change and not use a symbol that brings pain to people.

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