The California Governor recall results have been officially certified, more than a month later.

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California Recall Race Results CertifiedThe California Governor recall results have been officially certified, more than a month later.
Which Bills Did Gov. Newsom Sign And Which Ones Did He Veto?The governor signed and vetoed the last of more than 830 bills this weekend. CBS13 is taking a closer look at the last-minute signings and vetoes that often fly under the radar.
Gov. Newsom Signs Bill Giving Free Pre-KindergartenFor all 4-year-olds starting next year, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill giving free pre-kindergarten. The full plan will cost nearly $124 billion. About $10 million will be dedicated to creating more dual-language programs.
Tensions Rise As Capitol Hill Showdown ApproachesWith Democrats and Republicans evenly divided in Congress, tensions rise as they approach a vote on several important bills.
This Week In Politics With Gary DietrichCBS13 Political Analyst Gary Dietrich discusses the recent mask mandate ruling for schools and newly signed police reform laws.
Gov. Newsom Signs Homeless BillCalifornia Gov. Gavin Newsom signed seven new laws on Wednesday aimed at addressing the state's homelessness crisis, pleading with a skeptical public to have patience as the nation's most wealthy and populous state struggles to keep people off the streets.
Sac State Finance Professor Sanjay Varshney On Looming Government ShutdownCongress has until midnight tomorrow to avoid a government shutdown.
Federal Government Shutdown LoomsAmericans, including hundreds of thousands of federal employees, could soon feel the impact of a U.S. government shutdown. If lawmakers don't reach an agreement by the end of Thursday — the last day of the fiscal year — the federal government will officially close as of 12:01 a.m. on Friday.
California Treasurer Often Shared Hotel Rooms With EmployeesCalifornia state Treasurer Fiona Ma repeatedly shared hotel rooms with employees, a practice she says saved money but that business experts contend crosses an ethical line and can lead to lawsuits like one Ma now faces, the Sacramento Bee reported Tuesday.
Latest California Recall ResultsCBS13 Political Analyst Gary Dietrich discusses the voter turnout in the California Recall.
Democrats Push Recall ReformSome say the recall was a waste of time and money.
Newsom After Recall Rejection: 'Let's Get Back To Work'Gavin Newsom gets to keep his job after voters squashed the recall effort.
Newsom Decisively Beats California Governor Recall ElectionIt wasn't even close in the end.
California Recall Race Has National ImplicationsEd O'Keefe talks about why the California recall should matter -- especially Democrats -- for the rest of the nation.
CBS News' Anthony Salvanto Breaks Down Newsom WinCBS News' Election and Surveys Director Anthony Salvanto talked about how quickly Newsom defeated the recall effort.
Gov. Newsom Didn't Take Questions During Post-Election SpeechGovernor Newsom hasn't entertained questions from California news organizations. He wants this over and done with so he can turn his attention back to pressing issues. He will face re-election in another 15 months.
GOP Candidates In CA Recall Election Make StatementsHere are some of the statements made by GOP candidates running for Governor Newsom's position in the recall election.
Newsom Recall Effort Roundly RefeatedGovernor Newsom only spoke for five minutes after it was clear that he had defeated his opponents.
Governor Gavin Newsom Reacts To Defeating Recall EffortCalifornia Gov. Gavin Newsom on Tuesday became the second governor in U.S. history to defeat a recall aimed at kicking him out of office early, a contest the Democratic governor crafted as part of the national battle for his party’s values in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and lingering threats from “Trumpism.” At a post-election gathering Tuesday (9/14) the governor said that results show, "We said yes to all things we hold dear as Californians."
The Big Questions: How Many Voters Will Turn Out? Will Dems Vote 'No'?Political expert Gary Dietrich talked about the two big questions that could influence the ultimate outcome of the election.
Voters Visit Voting Center To Cast Ballot In Yolo CountyRenee Santos was at a voting center in Yolo County where people are getting off work to cast their ballots.
Recall Organizer Watch Party Gets Underway In Lincoln"Yes" supporters are filing into the watch party in Lincoln where Republican candidate Kevin Kiley will wait to find out if governor Newsom has been recalled and if he will be the one to replace him.
CBS News Exit Poll: Voters Evenly Split On The State Of CA's EconomyThose who think California's economy is good had a slight lead over those who have a different opinion.
Gavin Newsom Won't Call Favorable Recall Election Outcome 'Victory'Gavin Newsom was a campaign rally and said he doesn't consider a favorable outcome in the election a win, rather a defeat for his opponents.

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