Ted Cruz Speaks at California GOP ConventionCBS13's Sam Shane has the latest on Ted Cruz' speech at the California GOP Convention and his chances of getting the GOP nomination.
Donald Trump’s California Campaign HQ Opens Soon In NatomasAngela Musallam talks with Republican Insiders about why the Trump Campaign picked Sacramento as it's Headquarters for California.
Campaign Volunteers Preparing For California Presidential Primary ElectionIf you haven’t been bombarded by campaign door knocks or calls, get ready. With one month left to register for the California primary, and for the first time in generations California actually matters, it’s going to be a fight from all sides.
Stockton’s Mayor Anthony Silva Says He’s Black“I think I said, I’m not African American, but I’m pretty darn close. Quite frankly, I could be determined to be the first African-American mayor of Stockton. And the audience got a bit excited,” said Mayor Silva.
Donald Trump Threatens To Sue Louisiana Over GOP DelegatesThe Republican front-runner took to Twitter Sunday to complain that he won the most votes in the state’s primary, but could emerge with fewer delegates than rival Cruz. “Lawsuit coming,” he wrote.
Governor Brown Expected To Announce Support For Minimum Wage IncreaseAngela Musallam reports that Governor Brown has reached a deal with Labor Unions and Lawmakers to gradually increase minimum wage to $15.
Campaign 2016: Violence Erupts At Trump RalliesCandidates are blaming Trump for inciting the violence.
Pres. Enrique Peña Nieto Says Trump Is Hurting US-Mexico RelationsTrump's divisive opinions apprently don't sit well with Nieto.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Endorses John Kasich Through Snapchat VideoHe said of Kasich "He was an action hero when he went to Washington."
California Millennials Head To Nevada To Make Voices Heard In PrimariesEven Californians had their eyes on Nevada this weekend as dozens of young voters made their way across the state line to help out with various campaigns.
Ted Cruz Leading GOP Polls In IowaDonald Trump is still leading among voters nationwide.
Hillary Clinton To Make Fundraising Stop In SacramentoThis is her fifth visit to California since announcing her bid for president.

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