Call Kurtis Investigates: Why Didn't My Air bag Go Off In Crash?You've heard of air bags exploding when they shouldn't, some even killing people, but Sacramento mom Effie Greer says her car's airbag did not go off in a crash when her sister was driving.
Call Kurtis: Flood Protection Alternatives Replace Sandbags, Erect LeveesWe found some pretty interesting inventions, some of them you can store in your garage until needed, for the next rainy season.
Call Kurtis: Can Recalls Expire?Trying to buy a car, Carmichael teen Alex Giyenko went to sell his toys online but soon realized one of his favorite childhood toys was recalled.
Price Gouging Rules Go Into Effect After State Of Emergency DeclaredIf you're evacuating because of the Oroville Dam spillway, here's what you need to know.
Call Kurtis Investigates: What's Wrong With V.A. Disabled Parking Spaces?We took a ride along with him to check it out. Pulling into the spot, we saw nothing from the driver's view that visually distinguished i
Call Kurtis Investigates: Triple Tag Team Scam Started With Cloned Facebook ProfileMichael Hansen wanted to get the word out after he was targeted by scammers from three different directions at the same time.
Call Kurtis Investigates: California Data On Doctor Wait Times In DisarrayA state report says 90 percent of the data of the data health plans submitted to the state contained "significant data inaccuracies" making it "virtually impossible to measure individual health plan compliance."
$2.5 Million Over Vizio TVs That Secretly Watched Customers' HabitsTelevision manufacturer Vizio and a subsidiary will pay $2.5 million to settle allegations that they surreptitiously tracked consumers' viewing habits and sold the information to marketing companies and data brokers.
Call Kurtis Investigates: Surprise ER Bills That Can Financially Destroy A FamilyBattling a medical bill was the last thing the Rippee family wanted to deal with after their daughter Taylor was in a car accident.
Call Kurtis: Why Your Internet Provider Choice Is LimitedBill Poteat served 20 years in the Air Force. Now, the retired veteran keeps up with new trends and technology by searching the Internet. He said when he called AT&T they told him they are not allowed to service his area.
Call Kurtis: Lightning Is In The Forecast, How Should You Prepare?There's no telling when and where a lightning bolt will strike. If you're not prepared, you could be on your own to replace lots of pricey electronics and appliances.
Watch Out For Unlicensed Contractors Pitching Storm Repair JobsWe've seen some dirty tactics before to get your business after a disaster. If someone says, "Hey I've got a lot of people needing my services; if you can pay up front, I'll take your job."
Pillows Put To The TestA couple wanted to find the best pillows. See which ones they tried and how they liked them.
Call Kurtis: What Happens When The Airline Cancels Our Wedding Flight?Planning a wedding is stressful enough, but getting an email telling them their flight was canceled was devastating news for a Roseville couple.
Call Kurtis: Why Won't My Warranty Company Fix My TV?She paid $300 for the 5-year extended warranty through Consumer Priority Service, which claims online, "If we can't fix an item, we will replace it."
Call Kurtis Investigates: Are Scammers Using The Postal Service To Steal Your Identity?When the mail stopped coming to Frank and Rebecca Ronquillo's house, they got a letter from the U.S Postal Service saying it received a change-of-address order to forward mail.
Call Kurtis: Putting Online Grocery Services To The TestYou can let someone else do your shopping, but are they picking out the best stuff for you?
Call Kurtis: Why Am I Getting Parking Tickets When The Streets Aren't Being Cleaned?We checked in on something we uncovered back in 2013, and our investigation prompted changes to parking signs around the city.
Call Kurtis: Check Your Rental Car Inside And Out Before Leaving The LotHalfway to Portland, Kevin Lee says the low-pressure tire light came on in his rental car. He pulled over to put air in the tire but afraid of a slow leak, he says he alerted Avis.
Call Kurtis: Family Disneyland Trip Nearly Sunk After Travel Site Goes UnderSonia Shields booked a surprise trip for her family to Disneyland, but the travel site she used to book a hotel went belly up.
Call Kurtis: Customers Lose Insurance In Costco Credit Card SwitchWhen Costco dumped AmEx for Visa this year the couple got a letter from AmEx, dated June 25 saying their Accident Guard Insurance they've had since 2004 will be terminated.
Call Kurtis: What You Need To Know Before Hiring Someone From An Online SiteDespite Thumbtack showing it verified the tree trimmer's business license, the site says nothing about the fact the tree trimmer did not have the required contractor's license.
Call Kurtis: Free Water Test Kits Might Not Be What You ThinkWith a new baby, Dean Skultety put in a water purifier in his home, "I wanted to be healthy and have healthy water to drink."
Call Kurtis: How Your Dead Relatives Can Live On After They DieNearly half of Americans are cremated after they die. Some families choose to spread their loved one's ashes or keep them on a mantle.

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