Imposter Cashes Fake Check Inside Bank, Leaving Mom Of Three Out Of $8kA Stockton mom of three was out $8,000 after her bank cashed a fake check for someone posing as her, and refused to give her money back.
Credit Score Damaged By Car DealerArmond Bradford said he went into a car dealership for a test drive and came out with a lower credit score.
Canal Floods Grass Valley Property, Water Company Won’t Pay $20,000 ClaimA Grass Valley viewer says she's out $20,000 after the water company's canal flooded her property. When they refused to cover the bill, she called Kurtis. 
Are Forever Stamps Really Forever?The postal service says the word "forever" is crossed out in the online images for security reasons, to stop digital thieves from printing counterfeit copies.
How To Avoid A Mail Forwarding Fiasco When A Family Member MovesAn Elk Grove dad isn’t getting his mail after his son moved out and filed a change of address.
Storage Unit Infestation: Who Has To Pay?An Elk Grove woman was horrified to find her storage unit infested with mice and bugs. You may pay top dollar for storage, but who is responsible for pest control? The answer depends on your contract.
Blind Sacramento Customers Swindled By Solar Salesman; Panels Don’t WorkA blind Sacramento man says his new solar panels don't work and the company closed, so it was time for Call Kurtis to investigate.
Cell Industry Fights Rules To Require Backup Power At Cell Towers In Fire ZonesLong before Public Safety Power Shutoffs, Call Kurtis Investigates questioned phone companies on what they’re doing to make sure people in the line of wildfire have means to communicate. 
Jelly Belly Founder's Candy Factory Giveaway Causes ConfusionThe founder of Jelly Belly found himself inundated with inquiries after he publicized a contest with the prize of a candy factory. The only hitch: the factory isn't a Jelly Belly factory.
Stockton College Student Stuck In Lease For Empty ApartmentStudents stuck in a lease could apply for a grant through their school under the federal CARES act.
Cameron Park Senior Says She Couldn’t Get A Refund For Concert Canceled During PandemicEighty-four-year-old Ardy Howard wanted her money back after buying tickets for a Celine Dion concert. 
Call Kurtis Update: Mom Goes Four Months Without Working FridgeA Mom who went four months without a working fridge, will have to wait even longer for her replacement. 
Family Claims They Can’t Get Homeowners Insurance Because Of City TreesA Modesto family says their homeowner’s insurance is dropping their coverage over a city tree, so they called Kurtis.
Family Of Five Goes Four Months Without Working Refrigerator During PandemicSick of waiting through several failed repairs, Kristy Frey posted an amusing social media rant and called Kurtis.
IRS Wants Stimulus Payments To The Dead ReturnedThe IRS is asking for people to return stimulus payments that were issued to deceased individuals.
Restaurant Claims DeniedSome insurance companies are refusing to cover losses.
Grocery Stores Respond To Coronavirus CrisisGrocery stores are now offering special shopping hours to seniors and special products directed toward vulnerable populations.
CBS13 Consumer Help Hotline Suspended During Coronavirus OutbreakWe have asked the Call Kurtis team to stay home and take care of their families.
Cracking Toilets Causing Major DamageWhat toilet do you have? It’s a question Nafisa Neabkhail wishes she’d known to ask.
Baby Charged $10,000 For Hospital Room And Board After DeliveryLittle Lainey Walls came into the world with a big surprise — a $10,000 bill.
Roseville Mom Says Valet Gave Car To Crook Who Almost Burglarized Her Home After spending a day with her family at the Roseville Galleria, Kathy Jennings got quite a shock when she went to get her car. The valet told her someone else already had picked it up, but Jennings still had her claim ticket.
Woman Claims Hospital Mistake Killed Her MotherAn Elk Grove woman says a hospital mistake killed her mother, yet no attorney is willing to take the case.
Aggravated Viewer Calls Kurtis On KurtisA Roseville woman's phone was ringing off the hook, but the people on the line weren't looking for her, they were trying to Call Kurtis.
Photos Reveal Flies Inside Funeral Home Fridge Containing Man's Body, Nine Months After DeathLogger Phillip Henry's body was found nine months after his open-casket funeral in the garage of an out-of-business funeral home.

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