Call Kurtis Investigates: State & Coroner Didn’t Immediately Recover Body Reported at Out-of-business Funeral HomeTwo government agencies knew of a body at the shuttered Fehrman’s Funeral Home, but neither went in right away to recover it.
Call Kurtis Investigates: Body Of Missing Logger Found 9 Months After His Open Casket FuneralThe body of a 58-year-old logger vanished after his open-casket funeral in August of 2018. Nearly nine months after his services, the badly decomposed remains were found in a detached garage next to Quincy’s only funeral home.
Mike Henry Talks About Seeing His Brother's Decomposed RemainsMike Henry retrieved dental records to help with his brother’s identification. Despite being advised against it, he viewed his brother’s decomposed remains.
Body Of Missing Logger Found Nine Months LaterWhen Phillip Henry died in August of 2018, his family had an open casket funeral. He was supposed to be cremated, but no one knew what happened to his body.
Call Kurtis: Tony Hawk Foundation Wants $10K Back From Marysville Youth GroupThe walls are closing in on Sutter-Yuba Friday Night Live after a Call Kurtis Investigation.
Call Kurtis Investigates: Man's Body Vanishes After FuneralA Small Mountain Town Holds A Grisly Mystery- A Man's Body Vanishes After His Funeral. Nine Months Later It Turns Up In A Garage. A Grieving Family Turns to Call Kurtis For Answers.
Call Kurtis Investigates: Mystery In Marysville - Youth Organization Can't Account For 10K Grant From Tony HawkThe Tony Hawk Foundation said they are still looking for answers but if there is no proof the money was spent, they will want the money back.
Samsung Warning: Galaxy S10 And Note 10 Owners Should Remove Their Screen Protectors NowSamsung's new high-tech fingerprint reader on the latest Galaxy smartphones has a major flaw: It can be fooled by the residue left by your fingers on a screen protector.
Senior Claims She Was Banned From Grocery Delivery ServiceA Dixon senior says the grocery store banned her from the delivery service. 
Yuba City Chicken InvasionA Yuba City woman says chickens have taken over her town and she's sick of it.
Senior Frustrated After Dry Cleaner Lost His PantsA Sacramento senior is losing his mind after he says the dry cleaner lost his pants, so he decided to call Kurtis.
Where's My Pants?A viewer is losing his mind, over his pants.
Home Sales & Refis in Jeopardy Over PG&E’s DebtHomeowner Justin Cantu tried to refinance his house to pay down his student loans but said no bank would work with him over a lien for PG&E work.
Call Kurtis Investigates: PG&E Liens PromoMonday at 10 pm, Call Kurtis Investigates: Homeowners penalized for PG&E's unpaid bills. How PG&E's bankruptcy could prevent hundreds of local homeowners from refinancing, or even selling, their homes. 
Parents Miss Son’s Funeral Over Airline Delay Caused By Broken SeatA Call Kurtis Investigation revealed a couple missed their own son’s funeral over a broken seat. Scott and Jo Shipley will never forget getting the call no parent wants.
San Joaquin DA Is Looking Into Unlicensed Funeral OperatonThe San Joaquin County District Attorney's office is now looking into an unlicensed funeral operation Call Kurtis exposed.
Call Kurtis: Camp Fire FraudA Paradise woman who lost everything in the Camp Fire is getting kicked again in an insurance scam.
AT&T Continues To Bill Camp Fire Victim After House Burned DownA couple who lost everything in the Camp Fire in Paradise kept getting billed by AT&T for a landline they obviously no longer had, a Call Kurtis Investigation uncovered.
Unlicensed Funeral Operation Inside Church Leaves Family HorrifiedThree days after Lamark Otis Day Jr. died in the hospital following a seizure, his body was so badly decomposed, a Call Kurtis Investigation revealed his family could not have an open-casket funeral. 
Disney Recalls "Forky" Plush ToyThe toy was recalled due to a choking hazard. (7/8/19)
Coroner's Office Deeply Disturbed Over Illegal Funeral OperationThe San Joaquin County Coroner's Office said it's deeply disturbed over a Call Kurtis Investigation into an illegal funeral operation. But the state still won't answer a simple question. (5/22/19)
Call Kurtis: Funeral InvestigationAfter last week’s Call Kurtis Investigation, he’s demanding answers to make sure no other family has to hold a funeral for their loved one—without the body.
Call Kurtis Investigates: Stockton Church Operated as Unlicensed Funeral HomeA Stockton family had no idea the funeral home they called to handle their father’s arrangements closed three months before his death. (5/14/19)
Call Kurtis Investigates: Dad Misses His Own FuneralA Stockton man died in October and ended up missing his own funeral- 11 days later. How does that happen? Carla Southerland emailed Call Kurtis to investigate. (5/14/19)

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