By Sam Shane

A Chevy Chase, Md. woman considers her toy poodle more like a child than a pet, so when he got very sick last Monday, all Cynthia Painter could do was cry and hope doctors could save her puppy.

Painter said she was walking Senator in her apartment courtyard when all of a sudden, he scooped up a cigarette butt in his mouth.

“I quickly removed it, but within an hour, he couldn’t walk right and his eyes were glassy, so we rushed him the hospital,” Painter said.

Dr. Nicola Moore from the Friendship Hospital for Animals treated Senator and ordered blood work, which came back positive for marijuana and trace amounts of cocaine.

“We do see this from time to time in animals, so people really have to watch their animals and what they’re ingesting,” said Dr. Moore.

Senator made a full recovery, but Painter is concerned if her dog can get sick from accidentally picking up an illegal cigarette, what about a child?

“This is a wake up call for me and for parents to really watch what’s on the ground around them,” Painter said.


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