(CBS) Sacramento — A Foothill Farms neighborhood is covered in mud and water after a water main broke early Monday morning flooding homes and garages.

The flooding started at about 2 a.m. when water bubbling up from the roadway rose quickly and crept into homes on Orange Grove and Sycamore Avenues.

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Water spilled through the front door of a condominium that had recently been remodeled.

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“And I got there and saw the big hole that was right there and thought: ‘Oh my gosh’ because I had just completed a remodeling,” said Susan Reaves, a resident whose home was damaged. “I went in an opened the door and, yeah, there’s water and mud that had come in the house.”

Construction crews have dug a hole in the middle of Orange Grove almost the size of one lane. There is no word yet on just how much damage was done or what how much it will cost to fix the break.

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A main thoroughfare to American River College, Orange Grove is now closed to traffic. Drivers are advised to take Winding Way as an alternate route.