LOS ANGELES (AP) — A series of winter storms bearing down on California Saturday was threatening parts of the state with flooding, and officials were posting mudflow warnings in areas recently affected by wildfires ahead of this weekend’s rains.

Southern California will be hit especially hard by the storms, and officials were preparing for possible mudslides in Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

“This is one big mother and it’s going to have a lot of waves in it,” National Weather Service spokesman Bill Hoffer said.

The storms could be the largest system the region has seen in the last decade, the agency said Saturday.

Northern California was expecting 5 inches of rain in places over the weekend, and officials in San Francisco were distributing sandbags to residents.

Southern California could see 2 to 4 inches along the coasts and valleys with triple that in the mountains.

The Central Valley will likely get 1 to 3 inches of rain by Monday with up to 15 inches of rain in the Sierra Nevada mountains, which could prompt flooding in streams and rivers, National Weather Service meteorologist Jim Dudley said Friday.

There already have been reports of flooding across all lanes of the southbound Interstate 5 south of the Antelope Valley Freeway interchange in Southern California, the California Highway Patrol said.

The patrol said Saturday that they’d already seen a fivefold increase in traffic accidents in Los Angeles County because of the weather. There were 264 accidents in comparison to 48 the same time last week.

The wet conditions were expected to last through Thursday morning with the weather drying up in time for the Christmas holidays.

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  1. randell gribben says:

    yup..big rain storm.. we are all going to drown,, the river is going to run thru the streets.. come on ch.13 ch.3 ch.10 tell the truch about these ‘ so called storms… don’t pump it up for the ratings.. most people that watch you station shop at wallmart, and cannot think on there own.. so they watch your stations,, any get all out of shape, thinking this is / well become the next Noah’s flood.. stop weather forcasting for the ‘ ratings.. tell the truth.

    1. sacbear says:

      Before you cast stones at people that shop at Walmart maybe you should throw them at the education system where you are, or went, for your schooling. Your spelling and dictation show someone that doesn’t fully understand the use of the English language which I’m sure is because you’re a product of a failed system.

      1. Grammar Nazi Nazi says:

        I believe the word you were looking for was “diction.” Pot. Kettle Black.

  2. randellgribben says:

    sorry ” truth’ 2 nd. line miss typed.

  3. randellgribben says:

    sacbear” lovely name…. i posted my full name, i am not hiding it from anyone..if you took the time to look down this page, you will notice that i added a repost. to correct my mistake,, it is my fult for not proffreading my statement befroe i posted it..

  4. randell gribben says:

    oh yes,, american school system.. lets see the Chinese surpass us in math and science, as do the Japanese, Koreans, Indians.. and many more countrys do..

    1. sacbear says:

      WHo knows if that’s your real name or not. I prefer to stay safe from all the crazies out there that will do harm to a person or their property if they offer a different viewpoint.

      You’re right about our schools. Failed system and bad attitudes on a lot of the students that would rather play games and have money come the easy way instead of actually having to work for it the hard way. Seems a lot people all want to be famous and rich celebrities or drug dealers. They all buy into Madison Avenue advertising and think “things” are the only thing that bring real happiness. If that were true you wouldn’t see as many rich and famous people in re-hab or in the skids. Money is nice but it isn’t everything.

  5. randell gribben says:

    i really need a new key board,, this one sticks.. guess i am going to fry’s this evening.. sorry agian on the misspelling,,

  6. Phil says:

    Go to wal-mart, they will be cheaper…

    1. Gracie says:

      HA HA, WALLMART ya’ll. Get it straight!!

  7. nia says:

    I am staying indoors and watching movies and listening to The Cure

  8. joe says:

    Nice pic of an illegal alien crossing the road, You traitors.

    1. sacbear says:

      What makes you think it’s an illegal alien? I know Los Angeles is full of them but just to say that isn’t logical.

  9. anthony says:

    Hopefully Downtown will sufffer a massive flood on Monday and wash all the state workers, infrastructure, and politicians away. Oh wait, they probably already have contract clauses providing paid rain days off. Well at least the infrastructure might wiped out.

  10. bill plank says:

    we are one of the richest and most powerful country on the globe, to bad we are so stupid, go figure

  11. anthony says:

    Then again if that happened as well as a massive earthquake that detroys San Francisco at the same time….all that we would need to do is give the cesspool of everything south of Bakersfield over to the criminals from Mexico(they already own it, we just provide them funding and water). Then the rest of us that actually have common sense could fix this state.

    1. Kat Reese says:

      If your comments reflect “common sense” then I thank God I’m one of the stupid ones. Sheesh!!

  12. randellgribben says:

    perhapes , i overstated.. this was aimed at the local weather personalitys.. lots of ‘ fluff’ need to get those ‘ rating’ who cares about the truth.. lets see, 1- 3 inches of rain by monday.. come on, just call it scatterd showers.not a ‘big storm.. or get a real job.. just don’t be a pretty face on tv.

  13. Joe says:

    I shop at Wallmart for my speling and at Target for my grammer. But you have to seperate all of that from good dictation

  14. J says:

    Does anyone here know what it is like to have a real storm? Rain can fall for a straight 3 weeks in Seattle and Vancouver. There seems to be an attitude storm here with all the hot air, dry sarcastic remarks, and high blood pressure.

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