By Neda Iranpour

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A local pot club is pitching in to light up Christmas for needy kids. Toy after toy streams out of donation bins, but these are not coming from your regular toy drive.

A pot shop is shelling out plenty of gifts at the non-profit called A Million Ways to Care.

“What we do is find unique ways to get eh community involved,” said the organization’s president, Denisea Carey.

They want to help a million lives, and medicinal marijuana cardholders are getting them closer to their goal.

“It’s awesome they’re competing with each other. One person will ask what another person brought and they’ll say: “Oh, I gotta match that’ so they’re competing,” said Michael Melner, manager of River City Wellness.

River city wellness says they take pride in outreach..

“We’re just happy for their donation,” said Denisea.

So no matter who gave what, they key is that they gave.

The donated toys are going to separate military bases and three different hospitals.

Comments (6)
  1. Old Hippie says:

    “Pot shop”? Really?

    Dear CBS, people who need medical marijuana because ordinary pharmaceutical drugs have failed to help them are not potheads…they are patients. And by and large, they’re not getting high anyway.

    There’s plenty of human interest and compassion in this story without having to dumb it down and disrespect people.

  2. Younger Hippie says:

    @Old Hippie

    THANK YOU. Nice to see someone else recognizes the… subtle… stabs people still try to make.

  3. JHW says:

    May as well use the (N) word!

  4. FiO says:

    Neda Iranpour needs to proofread columns prior to posting them, and there is an editor asleep at the wheel somewhere at CBS Sac. Spelling, punctuation, and proper capitalization have been neglected in this item, and the simple ignorance shown by the terms “pot club” and “pot shop” is ridiculous. It’s unfortunate that well-educated and responsible medical marijuana patients such as myself are stigmatized by irreverant ignoramuses such as these.

  5. Bob says:

    Guess they are “lighting” up Christmass…hope the Feds get to lockem …pot is breaking the law and they are criimnels

    1. Scooby-Doobie says:

      ^ Brain washed. Smoke a doob and try again later.

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