By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Jerry Brown will take over the reins as California’s governor next week, and details are beginning to emerge on his low-key inauguration celebration.

Governor-elect Brown has reportedly approved the party plans for the Railroad Museum, which is expected to offer catering by Whole Foods for 1,800 invited guests and cost no more than $64,000.

For comparison: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 2007 inauguration celebration cost $600,000 and entertained 8,000 guests.

Brown has already been spotted at Midtown Sacramento restaurants after moving into his loft as Governor Schwarzenegger has been spotted moving furniture out of the Capitol.

Brown’s inauguration ceremony takes place on January 3 beginning at 11:00 a.m.

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  1. Pat Hamer says:

    I take it that this media is cesored? Is this the old Russian rag Pravda?

  2. Pat Hamer says:

    Perhaps I am impatient but I posted an article critical of officials. This speech is the highest protected speech and within the parameters of New York Times v. Sullivan!

  3. Pat Hamer says:

    Now when I complained to Assemblyman Ted Gaines, he feigned concern, but because it was a scandal to the Republican officials in the County, he sent 2 CHP detectives with 8 armed local sheriffs to raid our home. Not to arrest us or charge us as they had no warrant, no allegations of criminal activity, no probable cause, nothing! What did they do? They told me this, “we understand you have contacted your representatives, you can no longer do this or we will be back.” They then left. Oh by the way, they had no problem locating my home, no dispatch troubles. Why? Because they don’t care about pleasing law abiding citizens, they are working for abusive corrupt officials such as Assembly Ted Gaines. The resources they sent to my home to intimidate me into shutting up, a clear violation of freedom of speech, could have saved a few lives, but Ted Gaines uses the CHP as thugs to intimidate people who complain about officials in his party that he protects by deceit and influence peddling.

    Know this that in Orange County, Sheriff Mike Carona was just sent to prison for influence peddling and obstruction of justice. But Here up north, officials control the rule of law to ignore laws that they break!

    Just saying!

  4. Pat Hamer says:

    When I first came from England, I was at Bella Vista H.S. I think it was around 1973. I remember the friends I met, grabbed me up and we passed out pamphlets for Jerry Brown for Governor! I have followed him through the years and respected a lot of what he did. However, in the process of redressing a grievance caused by officials retaliating against me and my wife for reporting crime, we sought his official help and filed a complaint. This in regard to a crime that was committed against us by a person that had friends in high places, we contacted Browns office as A.G. and he goaded us into going through a painstaking process of a chain of command, and that increased the hatred against us that was manifested through many arbitrary and capricious malicious acts of abuse of power to corruptly remove rights from my wife and I, and a several dozen other victims that were seeking help.

  5. Pat Hamer says:

    Having followed the request of Arnold Schwarzenegger to contact the, our allegations were met with favor and justice, and the CJP took a “corrective action” against a judge James Wagoner who we accused of influencing a jury by inventing a jury instruction among other corrupt acts we, and other witnesses saw him perform.

    This encouraged us, until we contacted Brown, we found many other local cases, including the torture of a woman at the sheriff office, who they settled by giving her $125,000.00 for her silence to drop the case.

    Since then another woman has had her bones broke for talking on a cell phone in the court house lobby, a bit “cruel and unusual” for punishment, when there was no trial or hearing. There are many cases of murder that could also have been prevented. We ask Jerry Brown to consider cal.civ.code 52.3 to enforce that by investigating the many complaints and successful filings that showed a patter of practice that violates many federal statutes and state law. He refused. Because other lower court agencies found our claims credible, we filed an injunction for enforcement, and without due process, a federal magistrate not authorized to dismiss or hear injunctions, did not consider the merits or any “genuine issues of material fact and dismissed the claim not on law, but on influence peddling by Brown. I don’t even know if Brown is aware himself of this, it may have been covered up by the stooges that erred in the first place but it is part of history recorded in the court records, and will be heard on appeal one day!

  6. Pat Hamer says:

    The recent firing of the Inspector General, is for the purpose of covering up official malfeasance. Brown was spoken of in the recent Scotus case Citizens United v. FEC as a politician who would retaliate abuse the rights of citizens in an opinion of the court. I know this to be true. Chris Liu the pilot who recently reported security failures that risk public safety, had his home raided by armed officials. Free Speech in this state? With Jerry, he can’t be singled out because republican officials do the same retaliation, it happened when I called Ted Gaines for help.

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