COLUSA, Calif. (CBS13) — Authorities are investigating whether the death of a woman was caused by her family dog.

Linda Leal’s body was found behind a fence in her own backyard Tuesday morning with damage consistent with a dog attack, authorities said.

Colusa investigators said Linda was bleeding from her head and neck, but it isn’t immediately clear whether the family’s pit bull mix dog, named Toby, bit her before or after she died.

Linda’s husband Enrique said the dog had never shown aggression before and was always friendly to her. He also said Linda had health problems and was taking medication for liver cancer.

An autopsy will be performed to identify the exact cause of death, officials said. Investigators euthanized the dog with the family’s permission.

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  1. still kicking says:

    A Pit Bull? That says it all. Let me guess. Lower class lowlifes with the usual living accessories.

  2. non says:

    Just never can trust pit bull. I suggest pit bull should be fenced at all time and should not be interacted with human, children, or elderly. Anytime they may strike. That’s statistic and cannot deny it.

    1. Susan says:

      I don’t know what you are talking about. We have had several Pit Bull’s and never once have they been aggressive or dangerous. It is completely how they are raised and trained. Abuse is also involved in most cases. People need to get their head out of their but and realize that people are the same way. If they are raised cruel and hard and with no supervision, they will turn out to be the gang bamgers you see roaming our streets these days. Stop blaming the breed. Lets just see just how this finishes up. My thoughts are with the family

      1. pitsBullsAreVicious says:


        Linda’s husband Enrique said the dog had never shown aggression before and was always friendly to her.

        Could it be that because pit bulls have been bred to kill other animals (including other pit bulls) that this pit bulls DNA (and selective breeding) overtook its love for its owner…even though this pit bull never displayed aggression before and seemed to be this owner’s loving pet?

        Kind of sounds like pit bulls are time bombs waiting to explode on their owners and other humans (not to mention other animals) that rub them the wrong way (I mean bring out that killer instinct in them)…don’t ya think????

    2. sss says:

      Moron, you obviously know nothing about the breed. Why dont you educate yourself before spewing garbage. thetruthaboutpitbulls. com or badrap . org

    3. Kristina says:

      I have a 2 1/2 yr old pitbull who is around people all the time as well as other dogs, in fact we even have a yorkie that the pit absolutely loves. It all depends on how you raise the dog and how you train it. So I suggest you quit talking out of your ignorant, stereotypical ass and go find something else to do with your time. Thanks!

  3. Mary J. says:

    There wouldn’t be any bleeding present if she was dead prior to being bitten. You can’t bleed if your heart isn’t pumping.

  4. teresa says:

    If WE were informed of ALL the damage SMALL dogs do to children and the elderly we would be ashamed of our stupid selves! Small Dogs are RESPONSIBLE for more scares both physical and emotional on children than ANY large dog! Thousands of children go to the doctor for small dog attacks from “Grandparents dogs that are dangerous and frightening!

    1. pitsBullsAreVicious says:

      To teresa:

      The chance a small dog attack will kill a child = .01%. The chance a pit bull attack will kill a child = 99.999%. It is all a matter of degree and which vicious dog bits inflict the most damage on average.

      Comparing the damage caused by small dogs vs pit bulls is like comparing the bite of a trout vs a tiger shark. Yes, they both can attack, but a tiger shark (and pit bull) attack will cause much more damage and be more likely to result in death of the victim of the attack (much more damage than from the bite of a trout).

  5. KatieCA says:

    It’s a shame to condemn this animal when we know none of the facts. Did this woman trip and fall among all the trash and garbage in the yard, then bleed? Did the dog think he was helping his owner by trying to drag her closer to the house?
    IF THEY ARE RAISED WITH LOVE AND PATIENCE, any dog, including pit bulls, are loyal, trustworthy family pets. It’s the heartless that use these dogs as weapons or bloodsport “entertainment”.

    1. pitBullsAreVicious says:

      To KatieCA

      The article reads:

      “Linda’s husband Enrique said the dog had never shown aggression before and was always friendly to her.”

      “Investigators euthanized the dog with the family’s permission.”

      It sounds to me that the victim’s family thought the pit bull was loving and loyal, but now they authorized the investigators to euthanize the pit bull. It seems that the family now has their doubts…most likely for a very good reason.

      There is no evidence that these pit bull owners were mean to the pit bull or participated in any bloodsports for entertainment. You should be ashamed for making such a horrible insinuation after such a vicious attack on a fellow human.

      One thing I have noticed after all of these pit bull attacks, most pit bull apologists that comment have no compassion for the victims of vicious pit bull attacks. Pit bull apologists are more concerned about the rights of the pit bull (they don’t care about the victim’s rights or life).

  6. jb says:

    Blood does still come out of the body, it may not be pumped out by the heart but it will… well it seeps out, heart doesn’t have to pump for it.

    1. pitBullsAreVicious says:

      Say what????

  7. jessica from stockton says:

    My heart goes out to this family….and i had a pibull that i raised with my kids. she never hurt anyone, and i even took her to the school so other kids could say hi….its how you raise them….just saying 🙂

    1. pitBullsAreVicious says:


      You sound like the victims husband. He also stated that the pit bull had never shown aggression before and was always friendly to her.

      So it seems like you are taking a big risk with other people’s children and the school. I hope you and the school have really good insurance (for the future victims’ benefit)….just saying 😉

      My heart also goes out to this family and the victim of this fatal pit bull attack and the victims of future pit bull attacks.

  8. jimmybryght says:

    ALL pit bulls should be destroyed.

  9. pitBullsAreVicious says:

    Pit Bull Apologists Top 10 Excuses for pit bull attacks:

    1) It wasn’t a pit…it was a mix…we need DNA testing!

    2) The media doesn’t report attacks by poodles.

    3) It was the owners fault the pit attacked: My pits play with my children…so it had to be the owner.

    4) I know this pit; it was soooo loving and played with the neighbor kids…the victim must’ve done something to provoke the attack.

    5) I’ve seen Chihuahuas and Poodles kill, in a fit of rage, 250 pound body builders.

    6) It was the victims fault: The 91 year old victim must’ve waived his arms and tried to flee as the pit attacked so the pit justifiably tore the victims hand to shreds.

    7) The poor defenseless pit must’ve been frightened when it tore the old mans hand to shreds. Dumb old man for cornering the pit (in the dumb old man’s backyard).

    8) Stoooopid police…They should’ve called Tia Maria Torres to whisper sweet nothings into the pits ears to stop the attack.

    9) The pit had every right to bite the victim, in his backyard while he was gardening, because he was waving a hoe at the pit while it tried to bite his legs…the victim should just stand still and play dead while the pit bull bites.

    10) And my all time favorite pit bull apologist comment:
    Drum roll please…..

    The victim must’ve smelled like prey or a wild animal (like a poodle) because the victim didn’t take a shower…that’s why the pack of pits attacked him.

    Wow…What a load of bull…pit bull apologies that is!

    1. URApithater says:

      educate yourself. You make yare making yourself sound like a complete idiot. Why dont you hang out with a couple pits and find out for your self. badrap .org, thetruthaboutpitbulls. com

      1. ryan says:

        Thetruthaboutpitbulls is that they were bred for fighting. They are pure muscle and serve no other real purpose. If you want a family dog get a retriever. Ever hear of a black lab killing someone’s kid? No, me either, but I sure do hear about a lot of pit bull attacks. I don’t ever hear about a pit bull being used for hunting, or as a guide dog, but breeds don’t have anything to do with anything right?

        Different breeds were bred for different things, and different breeds have their own characteristics and that can’t be denied.

  10. Ryan says:

    Same thing every time. The people say it was a friendly dog before it attacked and killed someone. Then other pit owners are on here saying how their dog is friendly and would not ever hurt anyone. That’s what these people thought too before it attacked someone.

    People say it has nothing to do with the breed, but different breeds were BRED for different things. You never hear about a Pit Bull being a champion hunting dog, or a seeing eye dog. That is not their intended purpose. They are 100% muscle and their purpose is fighting. People deny it, but do you ever hear about a Black Lab attacking someone’s kid? Or how about a Beagle? A Beagle could kill a baby, but you never see or hear about that. It’s almost always a pit, but it must be a coincidence. People also say it has to do with how they are raised which could contribute to the problem, but I am sure other breeds aside from pits are being neglected and abused, but you still don’t see the attacks with most other breeds.

  11. pitBullsAreVicious says:

    Hey URApithater,

    Educate yourself and learn to write. Try Capitalizing the first letter in a sentence and use proper English.

    As in your case, if you do not know how to write properly you will make yourself sound like a complete idiot.

  12. pitBullsAreVicious says:

    Here are some facts about pit bulls:

    Fact (from a recent study by In the 3-year period of 2006 to 2008, pit bull type dogs killed 52 Americans and accounted for 59% of all fatal attacks. Combined, pit bulls and rottweilers accounted for 73% of these deaths. Source: Go on and read the history and truth about pit bulls and their owners.

    These dogs should never be allowed around children. I don’t care how sweet the owners have brainwashed themselves into thinking their pit bulls are… pit bulls are unpredictable and they were bred for killing! Fact: Pit bull attacks will more likely result in death compared to other dog attacks (especially when the victim is a child).

    It will take an attorney/politician to have their child killed or disfigured by one of these predators to create legislation regulating these vicious inbred animals and their inbred owners. These killing machines should be regulated more heavily than guns (at minimum regulating their ownership and accessibility to children).

    Any person that allows their child to be face to face with a pit bull should be arrested for child abuse and endangerment in the same way a person would be treated if they pointed a loaded gun to their child’s head.

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