SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Governor Jerry Brown has no date set for a State of the State address to lawmakers, and according to sources at the capitol, he may not deliver one.

The California Constitution says, “The Governor shall report to the legislature each calendar year on the condition of the state and make recommendations,” but it does not require a certain date or to be given as a formal address, as is traditional.

Senate Sergeant of Arms Tony Beard, who has worked in the Capitol for 44 years, can’t remember another example of a governor who didn’t stick to tradition on the State of the State.

“That goes clear back to my father working here, my grandfather working here when I was a kid,” Beard said.

Sources close to Governor Brown told CBS13 that a speech will likely come soon, but the newly elected state leader is simply considering his options.

“We’re trying to do things that are authentic to him and his view of the job,” said advisor Steven Glazer.

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The uncertainty is prompting criticism from state senate Republicans, who are questioning Brown’s style of leadership.

“I don’t think the absence of leadership is the change that we’re looking for,” said State Senator Sam Blakeslee (R-San Lois Obispo). “We’re looking for a clear vision and I think the State of the State is the opportunity to provide that vision.”

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  1. Heidi Lyster says:

    Yes, there’s nothing more important for California than for Jerry Brown to be “authentic” and define his job as he personally views it. No need to respect or uphold that annoying Constitution thingy—darned old thing just gets in the way…

    Nice job, Jerry. Stay classy as always. Good luck setting a new world record for state debt and unemployment.

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