SACRAMENTO (CBS13) —  The Sacramento Kings would have to pay if they decide to leave Sacramento.

Saying so long to Sacramento and hello to Anaheim won’t be cheap.

The Kings still owe the City of Sacramento for the arena a remaining $65 million.  Plus, they would face a pre-payment penalty for taking off early, which would be another $10 million.  Then there are territorial rights fees, and according to the Orange County Register, to the Lakers and the Clippers, that would be an estimated $30 to $50 million to each team.  Also, the NBA would want a piece of the action, and would nab a relocation fee which is estimated at $30 million.

An NBA spokesperson wouldn’t confirm that relocation fee, saying there are no set amounts.  CBS13 also asked him about talks to sell or move the Kings which he responded with: “For Kings questions, you would have to talk to the Kings.”

So far, the Maloofs will only say, “We’re looking at all our options.  Of course you’re going to look at your options! We’re businessmen.  We’ve been at this for 10 years without any (arena) success.”

So failing to get a new arena might make a move even more likely, even with the colossal costs of relocation.

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  1. Idiots against arena says:

    Plain ignorance.. The people that don’t want an arena show it so much. Think bout what the arena does for the future.. And please look up facts before spewing them out.. We don’t need a new arena just because we “want a upgrade” idiot

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