LINCOLN (CBS13) — A home in Lincoln caught fire Thursday afternoon.

The 3,000 square foot home is at 796 W. Wise Rd. About half of the home was on fire when CAL FIRE crews arrived, but fire crews could not salvage the rest of the home from the blaze, and it was completely destroyed.

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Apparently, there was not a fire hydrant in the area, so water had to be trucked in through water tenders.

According to authorities, no one was hurt in the blaze.

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  1. Fred Harris says:

    No fire hydrants, no wonder it burned to the ground. Where is this, in the sticks? There should be hydrants in the city.

  2. Tony Veiga says:

    The Fire was in a rural area where there are no hydrants, the only water supply in that area is well water.

  3. sarah says:

    that was my grandmas house.

  4. Dave F. says:

    That sucks. Hopefully she had insurance with a good company. If so, they will rebuild. Memories gone but at least no one was hurt.

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