LINCOLN, Calif. (CBS13) – For the second week in a row, a Lincoln business has been hit by thieves who smash out windows and grab merchandise.  This time, the suspects targeted a small grocery store but only took cigarettes.

Lincoln police say someone smashed in the glass doors of the shop on 5th Street and once inside took off with a large amount of cigarettes.  The store’s owner tells CBS13 that he does have an alarm system, but its unclear if it actually went off during the burglary.

This is in the same area as a burglary at a Lincoln jewelry store last week where thieves also broke windows and grabbed as much merchandise as possible.

Police have not determined whether the two crimes are related.

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  1. Tax Payer says:

    The higher you increase taxes and prices on these “sin” products, the more you create a black market for these items. Our oh so wise legislators and senators are forgetting the perils of prohibition and the crime and deaths attributed to it. So we are doomed to repeat the past. The only thing they care about is lining their own pockets with the monies of the tax payers. Remove them all and cancell their life time pensions and health benifits they receive for a simple term of service. And don’t forget all the money they get from the lobbyists too…

  2. jerry says:

    when the rich have all the money, the poor will do whatever they have to to get by. lets start taking from the rich and leave the “just getting by ” alone. if the very wealthy weren’t so afraid to be in public they would be getting robbed. i’m for that. lets start taking everything the rich have, popping a cap in their ass just for their watches, that sounds fair.

    1. iwork says:

      By rich you mean those of us who work to support those of you who don’t.

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