YUBA COUNTY (CBS13) – Hundreds of poison oak plants are being used to deter people from a sacred Indian burial site.

The shrubs were planted last November by the Three Rivers Levee Improvement Authority and are being used to protect Indian artifacts.
Officials say they found the artifacts in late 2008 while building a levee.  The Improvement Authority met with local Indian leaders and came up with the unique solution to use the irritating plants as a sort of fence to keep people away.

“When you’re dealing with a burial ground, Native American Indians are very sensitive about how we approach that and treat them.  In this case, Enterprise Rancheria was very cooperative working with us,” said Paul Brunner of the Three Rivers Levee Improvement Authority.

The exact location of the sight is being kept secret so no one will tamper with it.

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  1. fixnmyhouse says:

    Genius solution!

  2. Joey says:

    I wish I could plant some for door to door salesmen.

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