SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento Kings owner Gavin Maloof is speaking out for the first time since the team announced it’s staying inSacramento. 

Maloof says the stress over the last few weeks has taken its toll on his family, even causing the brothers to lose weight.

“It hasn’t been easy on anybody,” said Maloof.  “My brother Joe probably lost 10 pounds maybe 15.  I probably lost a couple myself.”

Gavin says that while he and his brother’s lost the chance to take their team toAnaheim, that is in the past. 

He says he is excited about being here, and hopes the city can come through with the promise of a new arena calling Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson’s $10 million pledge drive among the business community “nothing short of incredible”. 

And he insists they don’t want to consider selling the team.

“We don’t want to sell it.  I don’t care how much money you give me,” Gavin Maloof said.  “I don’t want to sell it, that’s the passion that can’t be bought.”

Since the announcement the Kings will stay, ticket sales have spiked and the team is hiring more sales associates to handle the high demand.

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  1. Not buying the B.S. says:

    What a two-faced lying dog.
    The only interest the Magoofs have in Sacramento is damage control for their wallets.
    They are going to play word games, talk sweet and kiss arse in an attempt to keep their wallets fat.
    I hope attendance drops into the gutter because we all know they WILL bail at the first opportunity.

  2. Carmichael Craig says:

    Just sell baby sell…. The Maloof’s have worn out their welcome in this town!!!!

  3. shorpone says:

    I wish I had their problems!

  4. Maloofs_whine says:

    Does anyone care how “hard it is” for these whiny millionaires? Suck it up!

  5. Licking wounds says:

    There’s no question they’re now doing damage control but people need to understand it’s a business decision to leave Sac. This community has failed to build a new facility and, in fairness to the Maloofs, is a big deal to any franchise. Converseley, we one the first battle and they need to understand fan loyalty. I agree it would be best they sold… kill two birds with one stone, but that won’t happen unless it’s forced.

    At the end of the day you don’t have to like your owner. As long as the team stays we win the war. Pro sports is a business… be passionate about the team but keep it in context.

  6. w.l. says:

    You have to understand, this place is run down, all other teams have nice big
    arena’s, Sac needs to get with the program. Thiis is the State Capital !!!!!

  7. Jack says:

    LW is right and I would add, that the Maloofs are part of a very small minority of americans who own a sports franchise and not surprisingly, they want to keep it. For all of us who love watching the Kings, this is entertainment, for them, it is a business and there is a lot more to running the business and building for the future than ticket and concession sales. The Maloofs and the NBA have been saying for a long time that Sacramento needs to upgrade its facilities. Unfortunately, prior to KJ, our community and the local leaders did not have the vision to recognize that a premier sports/entertainment facility will pay for itself and be a source of tax revenue. You want to talk about whiners, what about all the people in the Sacramento area whining about the cost of a new sports arena because they don’t even follow basketball. Go to any of the big arenas around the league and look at the range of entertainment events they are booking that Sacramento doesn’t get. Those buildings are producing $$ year around and the tax revenue generated thru those events pumps money into local government for the services we all use. If there is an alternate revenue source to fund local services, the citizens who use those services don’t have to pay as much. It is easy to blame someone else, but the fact is, our shortsighted community is to blame. The Maloofs aren’t the whiners, they’re business people and a new sports/entertainment complex, even in a tough economy will have a strong ROI. If you don’t believe people will spend money on entertainment, cruise the parking lot of a Kings game or any other event at the arena, or the Rivercats, shopping malls… count how many cars you see with expired registrations, not just one year, multiple years. People will avoid paying their legal obligations, carrying their share of the tax burden, which in many cases may be under $100 per year, but have no problem dropping $200 to take the family to a sporting event or Disney on Ice..

    A new sports/entertainment complex is a decision for grownups to make so all the whiners and complainers need to step aside and the elected officials need to finally do what they know is right for the community, the numbers are there and you will have your chance in several years to tell all the whiners, “I told you so.”

    1. Dan says:

      You are full of BS !

  8. FastGM3 says:

    Go grab a couple of the six dollar burgers you brothers advertised fro Carl’s Jr. You’ll gain your weight and some back in no time.

  9. Licking wounds says:

    Amen, Jack. The other thing is, I hear people whining about tax dollars going up. Nobody said that would happen… and building a new venue doesn’t take away from police, fire, etc. In actuality, a new venue brings tax dollars to the community… in other words, would any of you pass on spending $10 if you new $100 would come back to you? This team and this new complex help keep Sac relevant and on the map. Have to think longterm.

    I also know those “not MY tax dollars!” people don’t want to spend $5 more a year but, as Jack stated, don’t hesitate to eat out 3 times a week. Amazing… if everyone is broke how come all the damned restaurants in town are so busy? Try driving around the shopping malls…

  10. Ray says:

    I’m glad they are staying up north never liked them anyway.

  11. proudmonkey says:

    ahhhhhh, lifes tough???????????, KISS MY A &&, Maloofs, – wish I had your problems, wish I had your money,,, wish ya would of left Sacramento ..

    cant afford to go to a game, cant find a job, cant keep my house, I live within 1 mile of the ARCO POWER BALANCE ARENA, and your life is tough, come spend 24 hours in my shoes, if not, sit down and shut up

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