Politicians on Unemployment Board Soon to be UnemployedBy Mike Luery

By Mike Luery

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — An obscure government board that’s often been called a safe landing pad for former politicians is about to be eliminated by Governor Jerry Brown.

The California Unemployment Insurance Board  was the subject of an On The Money story last February.

The seven board members – six of them termed-out politicians – are about to get the boot from Governor Brown.

The board members include former State Senators Roy Ashburn and Dennis Hollingsworth, both Republicans – and Denise Ducheny, a Democrat. Three previous members of the State Assembly also sit on the board – Alberto Torrico, a Democrat – and two Republicans, George Plescia and Board Chair Bonnie Garcia. Board members don’t meet often – but they do make six-figure salaries.

“What you have right now is a board where each member makes $128,000 a year to meet sixteen times,” said Gil Duran, the governor’s press secretary.

Duran told CBS 13 that Brown will formally announce his proposal on Monday to eliminate the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.

“Up to $1.2 million a year in salary and travel costs can be saved by eliminating this board,” Duran told CBS 13. “The idea is to find a more cost-effective way to do this,” Duran added.

Brown’s plan to bounce the board comes after previously announced cutback to cell phones, state cars, travel and SWAG – Stuff We All Get – in the form of magnets, key chains are other giveaways from state government agencies. It’s all part of the governor’s plan to trim the budget by $413 million.

On Monday, Governor Brown will deliver his formal “May Revise” budget, reflecting the latest tax revenues reported to the Department of Finance.                                                                                     

What is the governor expected to say on Monday?

“He’s going to continue to call for Republicans to allow the people ofCaliforniato vote on whether to extend current existing taxes or make even more severe cuts,” Duran told CBS 13.

Duran added Brown’s address on Monday would consist of “more truth telling, no smoke and mirrors, no kicking the can down the road.” Duran added, “The governor’s going to talk straight to the people ofCaliforniaabout the situation we’re facing.”