SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A former Sacramento Police officer accused of lying about dozens of DUI arrests is now facing criminal charges.

District Attorney Jan Scully announced the charges against former officer Brandon Mullock this morning.  Mullock is facing 34 counts of perjury and filing a false report by a police officer.  He surrendered himself this morning.

The allegations came to light last year after discrepancies surfaced between Mullock’s written reports and his dash cam video. 

The District Attorney had to dismiss 79 cases in which Mullock was the principle witness.

Most of the cases were DUI related, but some include domestic violence cases in which suspects had been to court, pleaded guilty and were locked up.

Mullock resigned in August of 2010 after three years on the police force.

If convicted on all counts, Mullock could be sentenced to 23 years and 8 months in state prison.

Comments (52)
  1. cw says:

    he didnt care about the 79 lives he ruined…when he sat in court and told lies!…hang him high as a warning to cops everywhere…if you lie on the stand you will goto jail for a long time!

  2. laruga1 says:

    Great so they catch one Police officer and we are suppose to believe he is the only one that has done this? Does anyone know what this D.U.I. business does to ones life? I’ll tell you one thing , It ain’t nothing nice and it stays with you for a long long time. The people who had to endure these falsified police reports should sue
    and have their records expunged ! But you know what a hassle insurance companies will put these people through to get their records corrected ? That should be another consideration when the judge decides the punishment for this guy! I just can’t believe this has happened and I believe all d.u.i.’s should be checked for accuracy and truth before someone goes down this road. Its only fair to know the truth given the light that is being shed on the subject!

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