LINCOLN (CBS13) — In the city of Lincoln, they are laying off police officers and hiring administrators, and residents want to know why.

It was just last week when four new job openings were posted for the city of Lincoln, which is just three days after a recommendation to lay off cops.

The reason for the decision, like most California cities, was to balance a budget with nearly a million dollar deficit.

“We are looking at the overall budget; general fund unfortunately is our police, fire, parks and recreation, all very important services to our residences,” says Jill Thompson.

On May 10, the city council recommended cuts especially to police and library, which were perhaps necessary measures, but the timing of it all was not so good.

“With a broad brush without knowing how positions are funded, it would look bad,” says Thompson.

There are only two positions now posted on the city’s website; one for a Principal Accountant position that pays between $37-$50 per hour with benefits, and the other is a seasonal lifeguard, which pays $8 per hour with no benefits.

“The possibility of losing an additional four officers will impact what we are able to do on the street,” explains Chief Paul Shelgren, Lincoln Police Department.

Chief Shelgren says his department has already been cut in half, and he’s not pleased but knows that tough decisions must be made.

“You can’t hold any animosity towards anyone for that when you look at the numbers.  You have to crunch numbers and look at this as a business sense,” says Chief Shelgren.

Still, those who rely on Lincolns finest are frustrated.

“The seasonal lifeguard position, that totally makes sense, but the full time positions I don’t see how that makes sense when they are laying off police officers,” said Cindy Prentice, Lincoln resident.

At the end of the day, no final decision has been made on the cuts, but everyone knows they’re coming, likely sometime in June.

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  1. enrique garcia says:

    when you are overpaid for so many years,eventually it come to bite you in the aassss,,,,,,

  2. Dave Whiting says:

    Who’s going to drive those expensive SUVs?

    1. Lori says:

      Why the new admins of course.

  3. Bob says:

    Liberals don’t have a problem calling for the decrease in our security budget (defense).
    This is just an extension of that.
    If we cut the most important part of the budget, it can be justified to raise taxes.

    1. jj says:

      pretty sure the “libs” are not behind this bob! as someone who works in law enforcement i can assure you that their hell-fire-fueled unions are looking out for the workers (ie officers) and not admin. you might want to check your politics before you blindly blame the other side. also i would wager that most of the big income admins vote on your side of the aisle, Bob.

  4. Lincoln Resident says:

    These Officers make nearly as much as a Sacramento Deputy or PD Officer. They tried scaring Lincoln with too few cops per citizen, Half the city is Sun City. TAKE A PAY CUT!!!! Especially you CHIEF!!

  5. Alicia says:

    No sooner did they announce they are eliminating 4 officers, they open up 4 new positions within the city that are unnecessary and the pay range is outrageous for the positions posted. Bring back our police and then put a hold on all hiring. Does it take a brain surgeon to figure this one out.

  6. Big D in the S A C says:

    C’mon folks, does Lincoln really need police officers?? Outsource to Placer County Sheriffs, they don’t have much to do either

  7. Lori says:

    I think the cuts should start within Administration, then filter down from there. But don’t forget people, this is why our rights include the right to bear arms….which is basically to protect ourselves from our own very stupid government.

  8. theresa says:

    in other words buy a gun and get your ccw because calling 011 will not work they will not get there in time if you have a intruder in your house or a nut case or gang iat your door determined to do a home invasion ect. just to be let out of jail or prison to do it again to your neighber.

  9. LincolnSwineFluVaccine says:

    The people that live in Lincoln need to get over this idea that
    it’s a huge city. I mean seriously if there was no traffic lights you could
    close your eyes for 10 secs and it would be in your rear view mirror haha.
    I don’t think the geriatrics in Lincoln are gonna be causing alot of problems.
    This article is just tool the police department and their ex-employees are using
    to get their jobs or keep their jobs…..don’t fall for it.

  10. Snarf says:

    Welcome to our world in the private sector, public employees.

    Private companies do this all the time – hack jobs with higher paid employees, and simultaneously hiring recent college graduates at assuredly much lower salaries, to fill those same jobs.

    The circle of life….

  11. Dave says:

    Lincoln will make up its deficits by luring Auburn and Placer County into its extravagent and overbuilt wastewater system. This city can’t survive without a massive bailout.

  12. You can't fix stupid says:

    Maybe…just maybe…some politicians should get laid off to provide funding for public safety. Oh, that’s right…their role is much more important.

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