SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Plans for a new arena in Sacramento were presented to the public for the first time Thursday. Joe and Gavin Maloof were in the front row to see the new plan.  It was the first time the Maloofs visited City Hall since the two sides took legal swipes at one another during the relocation talks.

It was five years ago that the Maloofs walked away from a city-sponsored railyards arena plan that would have been funded with sales tax.  Now, at the press conference on Thursday that followed Thursday’s arena presentation, CBS13 asked the brother’s ‘what’s the difference this time around?’

“What’s your reaction to it, and in particular, your reaction compared to what you saw in 2006 at the railyards plan?” asked CBS13 reporter Steve Large.

Joe Maloof kept his answer short.

“A very positive reaction; a lot of time and efforts been put into this.  And this is a completely different situation than it was in the past,” he said.

But, Mayor Kevin Johnson also added his answer to the mix.

“I can tell you they’ve called and texted about how pleased they are this time around.  He’s being bashful today; we feel very good,” said Mayor Johnson.

The new arena plan, with its see-through structure, will cost $387 million.  Some other details include the 44 more luxury suites and 1300 more seats than Power Balance Pavilion.

But, the arena will not have on-site parking, which is a glaring detail, but the designer behind it stands by that decision.

“I will submit that spending 20 or 30 million on another parking structure is completely unnecessary,” says Tim Romani, ICON developer.

As for financing the arena, there is now talk of a national or international firm operating the arena with the Maloofs willing to only serve as tenants, which is a big change from 2006.

“That will grow with revenue in the arena, and grow the amount of private capital that can construct it,” said David Taylor, Sacramento developer.

And that could be a game changer.

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  1. Chevy Man says:

    3 WORDS………NOT BIG ENOUGH!!! Make it bigger 700,000 sq footage is not enough. At least 800,000 to be able to compete with the big boys and to get the All Star game possibly and be able to host ncaa tournament games. Build it bigger if you’re going to do it at least do it right! why waste time?

    1. mah says:

      I have to agree. Only 1300 more seats ? Not counting the luxury seats of course. It should be at least 18,000 seats.

  2. Michele says:

    no parking structure? Where will people park? And how does this benefit the counties which will have to support it? I see how it will benefit Sacramento. I would like to see thre possible sites if it will be paid for with taxes. Then let the voters decide which site they would like to support.

    1. XC says:

      Hell no. No public vote. Remember how that turned out last time?

    2. mah says:

      There are plenty of parking structures nearby. Staples Center in Los Angeles has no parking structure and it seems to be working out fine. It won’t kill anybody to walk a few blocks.

  3. Judy says:

    What a total waste of money!!! But,what does one expect with that lousy Mayor that is now in office.Hey,Johnson where is that tent city that was promised??Wheres the money for that???

    1. Sick of S. Sac says:

      He doesn’t give a you-know-what about this city and it’s suburbs. He cares about the green stuff lining his pockets.

      1. Texas Joe says:

        oh yes I HATE sacramento. It desserves to be the old timey backwards town as it is. I hope the new plan FAILS. You guys deserve it! You guys lose money in not investing into your community!

  4. intheknow says:

    To me it does not make sense without a parking structure. Season ticket holders are not going to take public transportation.
    The biggest concern I have is access of freeway I 5. It would cost millions to build a fast exit of the freeway. There is only one possible location and that would be Richards Blvd. It would mean take out motels and modify existing water plant.
    Build in Natomas only really makes sense.

  5. Swim says:

    Gotta love it, our schools are failing, roads falling apart, unemployment and homelessness on the rise, but we have cash to spare to keep a loser sports team and their leach owners happy. Considering they never paid back the millions they promised from the last time we went through this garbage.

    1. bigben says:

      almost all the problems u listed are due to unions and crybabies, not your government

  6. gary says:

    Lets see if I have this right, no money for public safety but somehow we have money ($387,000,000) for a new arena.

    1. Brandon says:

      Cutting the budget for public safety is merely a political strategy. Money could have been cut from multiple other public agencies (see Department of “fill in the blank”), but that wouldn’t scare people like you, would it? Don’t be a tool, the government wastes our money everyday and no service is liked by 100% of the public. Nothing would get built or done if that was the case. If financing turns out to include some form of tax, it’ll be the FIRST tax I would happily pay. It’s about time!

  7. Kevin says:

    No freeway exits. No parking. Only another $200 million to clean up the toxic superfund site before you build. City is broke. great idea. Build it in Natomas with private funds, and where you have two freeways and 3 exits… one is called Arena Blvd, by the way, and the Magoofs already own the land.

  8. Steve says:

    Lucky to live in a small town far from Blood Sucking Sacramento. Our big problem is inbred small town politics – where you all waste hundreds of millions, we’re happy squandering it by the hundreds of thousands. Nothing like welfare for the rich. Where I’m at, we subsidize a loser golf course – at least I can play frizbee golf on the sly. -Steve-

  9. Robert says:

    And Who Will Pay For This?

  10. Louie says:

    Kevin Johnson should return to the NBA as that seems to be all he cares about. With layoffs pending for police & firemen how dare he even think the public will support a new arena. I guess he will use the “savings” from those layoffs to realize his mis-guided vision. He will hopefully not be re-elected.

  11. Brian Rusch says:

    Though not a basketball fan, there is a way to garner my support and vote. Just ensure 5 things
    1. Take the $387,000,000, divide it by the registered voters in Sac County and send to each a check in that amount with 2 stipulations/choices.
    A. Sign the check back to the County in support of the arena,
    B. Spend it as you will in any store or shop for anything you want as long as it is in Sacramento County.
    If enough money is sent back .. build the arena. If not, well, at least Sacramento small business and services got an unexpected upswing (might even cause some hiring to take place).
    2. No Government budget has ever come in under cost. Any overage in the building of the arena .. over the $387,000,000 has to come out of the personal pockets of the current Mayor and sitting Council members and those responsible for preparing the budget, even if they are out of office upon budget overrun without bankruptcy protection.
    3. Since the profits from the arena will mainly go to the developers and contractors, increase their personal and business tax by 40% for the next 5 years. This way they will be putting some of the budget monies back into the coffers.
    4. Arena can only be built after a Tent City is erected for the homeless, financed with adequate basic healthcare and living resources (soup kitchen, bath facilities and educational services).
    5. Arena to be built without tax support from any public entity that has not has voter support for its involvement (outlying and adjacent cities/regions).
    Complete these 5 and Go Kings!!! GO … please!

    1. Drag52 says:

      Wow Brian – what a great idea. Let’s do the exact same thing for new schools, libraries, parks, running paths—heck–lets even do it for new police stations, fire stations, jails, parking garages.

      The concept works for everything!!! But I guess the deal is if even ONE person does not send back their check then technically there won’t be enough to build and the concept is vetoed.

      An excellent and well thought out plan.

  12. Eightcats Home says:

    This is how the taxation issue will be dealt with…as underhanded as legally possible. First, the information regarding taxes will be presented in the last day and last hour to be able to legally get a vote on the following ballot. Second, as soon as the yea or NAY vote is scheduled, a lawsuit will be filed to block it on a technicality. Third, thinly veiled falsehoods (you can look them up online at other proposed arenas…Stockton’s loses $2,000,000 a year) will be given lots of press. Finally, after us cooler heads vote down the misbegotten plan to ravage local taxation for this hot air balloon (the architectural view sure looks like a balloon), the election results are likely to be challenged in court.

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