RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) — A suspect is in the hospital after he was hurt during a road rage incident in Rancho Cordova overnight.

According to the CHP the incident started as an altercation at a bar and apparently spilled out onto the road. An SUV with three men inside began to chase a car with two men inside and rammed the bumper of the car. At Highway 50 and Bradshaw Road the SUV lost control, left the freeway and landed on its roof.

The suspect was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries.

Officers have not said what caused the incident or what charges the suspect will face. They say passengers in both the SUV and the car were under the influence of alcohol.

If you experience road rage, you should take action and call authorities.

“Call 911 if you ever feel you’re ever in danger. Stay on the phone with a 911 dispatcher. Tell them what’s going on; tell them where you’re at; keep us up-to-date until we can get an officer to stop what’s going on and stop the other vehicle that’s hassling you,” said CHP Officer Silva.

Comments (12)
  1. tjoe black says:

    Lowlife rats.

  2. Joe says:

    Um it is against the law to use my cell when driving Officer Silva.You wouldn’t be instructing me to break the law now would you?

    1. sss says:

      read the phone rules… duh!

    2. readthelaw says:

      Joe, you can use it reporting an emergency………

  3. conserver1 says:

    Tell them where you are. at?

  4. Opinionater says:

    Sounds more like a ‘bump’ job, a criminal vehicle theft tactic, used typically by gang bangers so as to get the occupants of the other vehicle they collide with to get out of the vehicle, startled, at which point the perps then carjack the other vehicle.

    1. protto49 says:

      your right …..sould like a white car tailgate me while 2 car pull in front of me on 99 and mack road…..then he got the crazy and try to smash me car

  5. protto49 says:

    roadrage 99 and mack 2012 feb crazy tailgater

  6. protto49 says:

    its take 45minute for a officer to even response to a 911 call on mack road..and 99 this white car tailgater was going to smash me into traffic…

  7. protto49 says:

    police in sacramento need to stop people that tailgate other driver or post it on the freeway board

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