SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Metal thieves are stripping small but critical pieces out of fire sprinklers, and fire officials worry the trend could create a bigger fire danger and end up costing lives.

The Sacramento Metro Fire Department said building owners have reported a number of thefts of a fire department connector, or FDC, from their fire systems.

The part is traditionally made from solid brass and acts as a pressure regulator for a building’s sprinklers, keeping fires small and increasing survivability, according to Sac Metro Fire Captain Kim Fong.

“It decreases the amount of water we can initially put on the fire through the use of the sprinkler system,” Fong said. “There are some unscrupulous recyclers out there.”

The part is necessary at most commercial businesses or other places with the possibility of serious loss of life. The business owner is responsible for replacing the devices, but frustration is mounting over repeat crimes that seem to result in a new theft almost immediately after the new part is installed.

The thefts have become so frequent that officials are looking into changing regulations to allow the part to be made out of a simple alloy instead of more valuable brass.

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  1. Californian7 says:

    I deal with this problem almost daily on the commercial properties I run. We have to spend money to install cages which can be expensive. Paint the brass/copper and it makes it worth less. But, these characters even steal the sewer grates and anything else not nailed down. It’s a cultural problem and it seems to get worse when folks aren’t working….It’s the “I can get something for nothing” mentality out there….

    1. sickoffools says:

      I’d say ‘Cutlural’ as I fled California 30 years ago, came back briefly for 2 years and realized what a third world dump the State has become. The new and Illegal immigrants don’t care about this country unless they can rape the ‘Statue of Liberty’ and get that check and a catered language. While the naive interior Americans keep rushing out there to be a contestant on American Idol, their pipe dreams are met with the reality of a crumbling and ‘done’ State. That’s the allure of Cali, fame and sunshine. Civil unrest is looming

      1. bucko says:

        Not just a California problem. If you can’t compete with uneducated day laborers, we don’t need you. Stay away this time.

      2. John McCombs says:

        Bucko is a moron who deserves every bit of pain and suffering he gets. When he cries for help as uneducated day laborers rape his wife, laugh and tell him that if he’s not man enough to take care of it himself, he can just go to Hell. You suck.

      3. sickoffools says:

        Thank you, ‘Mr. Idiot’ ! You should keep that in mind when applying for a Morgage, doing some banking, hiring a plumber, a framer, passing CALTRANS, calling a cop, buying auto parts; this legal immigrant wants to thank ‘Bucko’ for enlightening us all. I wouldn’t want to offend your coke dealer or whoring crack head wife. Thank you for requesting we stay away next time, for I experienced California long before you were born. I’ve taken your 6th grade education to heart and will honor your request. Thanks for setting me straight and keeping me at bay. And tell your Mom to quit calling. Bucko, glad you could spell that five letter word, it’s probably stamped on your belt in case you forget or to remind your wife when she cries out another mans name. And take that toothpick out of your mouth; fool !

  2. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “Giving every man a vote has no more made men wise and free than Christianity has made them good. ” ~ H. L. Mencken

  3. Blueviolets says:

    Wait till they start stealing the parts from air conditioners for the metal. Don’t laugh because I know of two businesses this has happened to in two different cities and in one area it has happened multiple times.

  4. walter12 says:

    This is what happens when you have a Marxist State Government and a mix of Mexican and black street gangs and standard rampant street crime envelope the State of California. Your result is a Third World State.

  5. doug says:

    Just shoot them

  6. me says:

    the fire deparment should just carry an extra siamese connection in the truck, thus if it’s missing they could simply attach and your good to go, they already do this with fire hoses (as there are fire hoses in fire hose cabinets), and they take a hose just in case the one in the FHC is gone or has holes etc.

    1. sickoffools says:

      The Fire Dept has had equiptment stolen upon calls into festering neighborhoods; while groups surround the vehicle and loot. And ‘Bucko’ needs some mental help; that boy is a fool whom I am ‘sick of’. “Compete wtih day laborers”, ha…they’re into the Mortgage Biz, Real Estate, Auto Body, Insurance, Legal profession, Military and large narco trafficking where your little girl will be found, cause your wife has already been there.

  7. R Chapman says:

    Let’s invoke martial law and then find out if we really love the Constitution or do we start shooting the looters and locking up everybody who disagrees with us. All kidding aside, the problems of poverty and poor economies include the acts we see happening in our streets. Our president loves social justice and all he has to start doing is bring back the justice he so earnestly craves and stop playing politics with our lives. Until then, our problems will continue to fester unresolved.

  8. jerrykregle says:

    just start shooting thieves and toss the charred remains in the cats litter box
    Reuse & recycle

  9. Roger Ewing says:

    What a bunch of sick comments, does your mommy know you using her laptop?

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