SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento Police have released a photo of one their patrol cars that was damaged when someone threw something at the officer.

The incident happened this morning as the K9 officer was driving south on Highway 99.  When the officer neared Martin Luther King Boulevard, someone threw an object hitting the patrol car.

The impact shattered the windshield just in front of the driver and left two large dents on the hood the car.

No one has been arrested.  It’s unclear what was thrown at the vehicle.

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  1. redneckwriter says:

    Hasn’t 99 been seeing a lot of this lately? I thought I read about it somewhere.

    1. NiceArmDude says:

      Man, black people have great arms. Be sure not to hit the dog!

  2. Yvonne Travers says:

    Sacramento is such a charming city.

  3. Tax Payer says:

    Now why would anyone from that area be disgruntled towards the police? Oh, wait, it’s THAT area! I’m surprised the cops aren’t patroling in armoured vehicles like they have in Afganistan and Iraq! LMAO!

  4. Becca says:

    OMG!!!! Stupid report!! Half way done. what was thrown out the window? who did it? did they caught any one?

    1. jason says:

      Your comment is half intelligent,

      1. Becca says:

        Yeah truth hurrts ha?? you smart $%^

    2. Ben says:

      “No one has been arrested. It’s unclear what was thrown at the vehicle.”

      We’ll just assume reading comprehension isn’t your strong point.

    3. BeccaIsDumb says:


      The article says it is not known what was thrown. How do you know something was thrown out a window? Article Says they do not know who did it. Who was falling that needed to be caught? I hope you are a first grader because you read and write like one?

      1. Becca says:

        Oh yeah?? Well your writting is no bettert!! lol

      2. Becca says:

        FYI!! Earlier when I read, it it didn’t have the bottom info. They added it after my comment. See! My comment did worked!!

  5. Ric Brown says:

    and ?

    1. Becca says:

      That’s what I said. Thanks you!!!!

      1. BeccaIsDumb says:

        No you did not? You asked question that were answered in the article. You are so dumb you do not even know what you are saying?

  6. Dave says:

    Peoples cars get vandalized daily….When we called you last week with this problem you wouldn’t even come out! So I’m laughing and telling you post real news! How does it feel???? Hahahaha

  7. S says:

    Anyone see Kalifornia? Sounds like a real creep did this… When there is no respect for the lawkeepers, there will be no respect for the lawmakers..

    1. ThisIsTheBeginning says:

      Respect for Lawmakers has been gone for years no. Have you not seen their poll ratings and rightfully so. They have driven this country into the ground. Did you see the riots in Greece. Those riots will be coming to a street near you really soon. This is just the beginning unless the people’s voices are heard.

  8. M says:

    I guess the driver was sitting on the door, because it’s the SIDE of the windshield that is shattered.
    Becca needs to shut her yap and read her own posts: did they CAUGHT anyone? Yeah truth HURRTS ha?? My comment did WORKED!! THANKS you!!!! Her grammar and spelling is so 4 year old.
    As for our lawmakers, how much respect can you give someone who uses social networking sites and email to embarras themselves WORLDWIDE?
    Twitter is for TWITS!!!

    1. Becca says:

      LOL!! FYI My grammar is great and that happened because I was typing too fast.

      1. BeccaIsAcRackHead says:

        You mean you were hitting the crack pipe as you were typing. You are an idot and stay off this board. Dumb Azz

  9. D says:

    I had a similar incident last year at the same spot on Highway 99 only I was driving northbound. Some unknown object shattered my sun roof. That was a quick $400.00 to fix it because I had to raise my auto insurance deductible to afford the rate.

  10. Melvin says:


    1. Anthony says:

      You are a coward that wouldn’t have the guts to say this in person to anyone. Get a life moron.

  11. Wannabe Stoner says:

    Can we throw rocks and blocks of concrete at the people that do this when they get caught?

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