It says it’s great for the kitchen, the barbecue and handling hot surfaces. But do we really need something like the Ove Glove? We put it to the test.

Hear the sizzle. Feel the heat.

“I’m a tough cook,” said Sonia Chaidez.

Sonia Chaidez owns the Tres Hermanas Mexican restaurant in Sacramento. She knows all to well the dangers of working in a restaurant.

Sometimes feeling too hot isn’t too good.

Kurtis: So how often are you getting burned?

Sonia: Almost every single day see. Look at the war wound right there. It still hurts.

She and her brother Sergio, who’s the cook, normally have pot holders or towels within reach, but towels can get slippery.

“If these are wet, the heat goes right through them and that’s how we drop things,” said Sergio, cook. And that translates to pain!

Over the past decade, Sonia’s even gone to the hospital with second degree burns. So what if we gave them a product claiming to be a five-fingered hot surface handler?

Kurtis; Have you heard of the Ove Glove?

Sonia: No it’s the first time. It looks like something you’d use in the cold. I can use it at my cabin in Tahoe.

The Ove Glove is made of Nomex and Kevlar to withstand extreme heat up to 480 degrees.

Kurtis: Kevlar is the stuff they put in bullet proof vests.

Kurtis: You have a gun?

Sonia: No, do I look like the police?

The packaging says that it won’t catch fire and that it doesn’t melt. So let’s try them on. How will it work on the hottest pot we can find?

Sonia: We’re going to see.

Kurtis: Four-hundred degrees is what it says right there.

Sonia: This is very hot.

Kurtis: What do you think?

Sonia: It’s good.

You can’t feel the heat.

Kurtis: I don’t feel anything. This is perfect

But come on. Is this any better than a pot holder, or a towel? Lets see.

Sonia: No difference

Sonia recognizes the glove give a better grip than a towel but says it may not be practical in her line of work.

“By the time I put on these gloves, I’m sorry, but the people are going to go away. Time is money. Time is money. But biz is biz,” said Sonia.

It takes seven seconds to put them on, which isn’t too long, when it comes to safety. So how about the claim that it wont’ catch fire. Someone get the fire extinguisher ready.

Sonia: we won’t have to use them, right?

Kurtis: We hope we don’t have to use it.

We expose the Ove Glove to an open flame for a couple of seconds.

Kurtis: Is it burning?

Sonia: It did a little bit.

It turned black, but never caught fire. Let’s throw in the towel for the same amount of time.

Sonia: It catches fire, so this is good.

The Ove Glove holds up to its claim. We have some believers although they’re not so sure they’ll use the Ove Glove at work.

Sergio: I might get some of these for my house.

The directions say you shouldn’t use the Ove Glove if it gets wet. You have to wait for it to dry first. It’s machine washable, so that’s good when it gets dirty.

The cost for one glove is $14.99 for one — that’s $30 a pair.


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