The ads for tide coldwater say, it can deep clean and save green.

The commercial says that tide deep cleans even whites in cold water, to save you up to $63 a year.

Even whites, huh? We bought a couple of white shirts and decided to get down and dirty.

Ok, let’s dirty up these shirts, we got some oil here in the parking lot. Oh that’s good.

But it doesn’t say just “dirty”. So in Mandango’s bar and grill we got mustard, we got ketchup to make them really dirty.

We found some elementary school teachers to step up to the plate, or maybe be the plate.

Mustard, steak sauce and lastly, wine.

Ok, I think the damage is done, so across the parking lot is the Maytag store where they’ll let you test out their washers and dryers.

Into two similar machines, we try two detergents: the tide coldwater specially designed for deep cleaning in the care of cold water, and Purex, which is half the price.

Our shirts, equally stained, head to the two Maytag washers.

But geez, it takes an hour to wash these, so alright, an hour’s passed . . . So

First the Purex shirt: It’s still a big mess. And how about the tide shirt? No mustard stains. Not even the wine shows. Some grease is still on the back.

Side by side! There’s a clear winner.

So for the white shirts tide’s a winner.


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