WOODLAND, Calif. (CBS13) –– More than 30 fish raised by Woodland High School students were tortured and killed over the weekend, according to authorities.

The Woodland Police Department said student found the remains of a Future Farmers of America project in four above-ground cement tanks stored in the agricultural area of campus.

A total of 31 catfish were killed after someone poured liquid herbicide into all of the tanks and mutilated several fish with a hammer. No suspects have been identified by authorities.

Two of the students who helped raise the fish, William Dinsdale and Ketric Andreasen, said they spent months and hundreds of their own dollars caring for the fish and hoped to sell the fish at the Yolo County Fair in just a few days.

Authorities said the incident is being investigated as felony animal cruelty. Anyone with information on the crime is asked to contact the Woodland Police Department at (530) 666-2411.

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  1. vrw says:

    I guess we can’t eat fish either. Animal cruelty. How about destruction of property.

    1. sillydog says:

      I think you missed the point of the story VRW.

    2. SorryForTheStudents says:

      So vrw,

      Are you the one that committed this crime (or do you know who did it)?

      Based on your statement it appears that you want the charges reduced to vandalism, instead of felony animal cruelty, so you or your friend are not convicted of a felony.

      Good luck with that.

  2. SorryForTheStudents says:

    funnystuff is just another sociopath deriving enjoyment from the torture of animals and the pain this senseless incident caused these high school students.

    The police should track funnystuff’s IP address. Most likely he is one of the sociopaths that committed this crime.

    1. SorryForTheStudents says:

      Looks like they removed the sociopath “funnystuff”s” comment.

      I hope CBS handed his IP address over to the authorities…along with his lame and insensitive comment about this senseless and cruel crime.

  3. $$$ will give the answer says:

    If they put out a reward, somebody will talk. This is more than likely the work of some loser student from the school

  4. jackie says:

    Some student is really mad about something or someone who is working on the FFA project, to be that mad is scary he/she at least took their anger out on the fish. This is really to bad, jealousy at its extreme. To those of you who were working on this project and to Ketric and William we express our regrets you did a terriffic job and deserve a Gold star and a purple ribbon.

    1. SorryForTheStudents says:

      The students that worked so hard on this project also deserve to be paid restitution, from the sociopath or sociopaths that did this, once these criminals have been caught.

  5. sillydog says:

    problem with the type of destructive behavior it usually leads to even more awful behavior. A Sociopath in the making.

  6. Mace says:

    Whoever did it, K A R M A comes full circle LOL

  7. SorryForTheStudents says:

    The authorities should be checking student facebook or myspace accounts for clues.

    I bet the little sociopath(s) that committed this crime has either talked about committing this crime or has bragged about doing it on a social networking site.

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