ORLANDO, Fla. — The parents of the Florida mother who was acquitted in July of killing her 2-year-old daughter are set to appear on the “Dr. Phil” television show next month.

George and Cindy Anthony’s interview with Dr. Phil McGraw is scheduled to air Sept. 12, according to a statement released Monday by the show. The episode will examine the public scrutiny they’ve faced during and after their daughter’s murder trial.

The Anthony’s daughter, 25-year-old Casey Anthony, was found not guilty last month of the death of her daughter Caylee in 2008.

The show is not compensating the couple for the interview, according to the release, though viewers will be asked to donate to a charity group advocating for the rights of grandparents of missing children.

Comments (9)
  1. Hilde says:

    No Desire to watch the Interview.

  2. Marshall Fulwider says:

    i diffenitly will watch .I want to see the parents of such a ……… cant even think of the words to describe a person who would murder thier own child.

  3. janelwhite says:

    Good for Cindy and George. And, Casey wrote some bad checks and lied to the cops. Big deal, get over it, she did the time for that already. The only people upset with her are the same people that thought she would be facing the death penalty and they were proven wrong and to be fools. Move on with yourselves and try to become educated about the facts first on the next case you will be wrong about. It’s not Casey these mad people are mad about, it’s their own failures and their own ignorance they are so frustrated about being proven to be so wrong for so long. -Jane

    1. There will be no justice as long as jurrors are idiots says:

      Jane you are obviously clueless and probably would have fit right in with the Casey Anthony. As for the grand standing Dr. Phil, bringing on the parents who lied under oath. George for lying about the affair. And Cindy for lying about the computer searches………. hope they all rot.

      1. janelwhite says:

        Jurors in the Casey Anthony case did an outstanding job, the state failed to prove their case beyond a reasonable coubt. Those that disagree are just jealous. 🙂 -Jane

  4. The Blogger says:

    These people just need to go away & hide…..


    1. janelwhite says:

      But, they are all victims, and victims should not have to hide imo. -Jane

  5. Mary Jenkins says:

    Will boycott all future Dr. Phil shows and sponsors if CBS airs the 9-12-11 interview with the Anthony’s! I will no longer watch Dr. Phil!

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