SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A jury found two gang members guilty of killing a north Sacramento man in front of his family on Memorial Day 2008, according to District Attorney Jan Scully.

Norteno gang members Jose Gonzalez and Jaime Torres, both 24, were convicted of first-degree murder in the killing of Jose Guerrero, with the enhancement of committing the crime for the benefit of a street gang. A third defendant, Juan Gonzalez, was found not guilty.

Guerrero, 47, was holding his infant daughter outside his home in “The Flats” area of north Sacramento when he was pistol-whipped and then shot and killed in front of his family.

According to The Sacramento Bee, several Nortenos went to Guerrero’s home looking for his step-sons, reputed rival Sureno gang members. When Guerrero confronted them, Torres hit him with his pistol and then Jose Gonzalez shot him in the head after Guerrero gained the upper hand in the struggle with Torres.

Juan Gonzalez, the defendant found not guilty, reportedly drove the other two to Guerrero’s home on Lindley Drive.

Jose Gonzalez and Torres will be sentenced Oct. 14 by Superior Court Judge Kevin McCormick.

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