SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — There’s a lot of anticipation worldwide about a NASA satellite that is hurtling its way toward Earth, but a Sacramento man already had an experience with falling matters from space.

Mike Gibson says he was awakened last month in the middle of the night with a giant crack and a bang and something rolling off the roof of his home on 21st Street.

He searched the area below where it rolled off and found a meteorite a little larger than a quarter.

Despite its small size, the space rock caused some damage — a few thousand dollars worth to the roof in fact. It came from August’s Perseid meteor shower.

The damage could have been worse, Gibson said.

“It almost penetrated the roof,” he said. “It hit exactly on the beam, shattered the beam on the roof. Two inches to the side, it would have went right through onto my granddaughter’s bed.”

Gibson’s daughter took the meteorite to Sacramento City College and the Astronomy department verified its authenticity.

Parts of the NASA satellite are expected to land Friday night, although not in the United States.

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  1. Oinka says:

    Oh no! Dawn Rossi was correct!

  2. jim says:

    it’s odumbo’s fault

  3. Angela says:

    i love dawn. she rocks. ok, well i love to hate her 😉

  4. john says:

    yo dude, that’s the great yellow wonder boy you are talking about

  5. Bolide Chaser says:

    Either somebody is lying, or a lot of people are totally misinformed:
    This is not a meteorite, nor has there ever been one found to have come from the Perseid meteor shower. Those meteors come from dust left behind by passing comet. Meteorites come from impacts on asteroids (and planets/moons).
    The astronomers at Sac City College should have known this.
    Did CBS13 check their sources?
    This entire story sounds like a lot of malarkey.