MARYSVILLE (CBS13) – Most of the Occupy protests have been in large cities, but now part-time protestors are showing up in smaller cities. Are they conveying the same message as their larger city counterparts?

The writing is on the wall. The occupy movement has arrived in Marysville and Yuba City, though you might not be able to find it.

“I think a lot of people think if you’re part of the Occupy movement, you’re literally occupying or camping out and all that. I’m not,” said Marysville resident Elizabeth Adams.

It’s far from a spectacle in Marysville. You won’t find a tent city here like in downtown Sacramento. And besides this graffiti, there’s very little commotion and certainly no arrests. About 75 people from the area protested here for the first time this past Sunday and will do the same thing once a week.

“We’ve had everybody from high school students to seniors who are retired to everyone in between,” said Yuba City resident Eric Straatsma.

With a full time job as a nurse practitioner, Adams says she doesn’t have enough time to set up camp.

“I’m not there but as far as completely supports the movement, part of the 99%, yes,” said Adams.

Much like their bigger and more vocal neighbor Occupy Sacramento, you can’t pin down one unified message in Yuba. That’s because the group openly admits they’re still working on one.

“What we have in common is an unhappiness with the system,” said Adams. “The system is broken.”

Though it might seem toned down, these protesters say they’re angry and are on board with Occupy Sacramento, Occupy Wall Street, and the entire movement.

“The greed is unbelievable and it’s worldwide,” said a protester.

Comments (9)
  1. The Blogger says:

    What exactly do these people want?

    Get up at 2:30AM & look at the market.

    America was built on buying & selling.

    What do they have to offer?

    Write a book or a screenplay.

    Come up with a service or invention.

    What are you waiting for?

    The Government to take care of you?

    1. Nancy Hill says:

      We want the companies to do business in Americas again so we can find jobs. We just want an opportunity–nothing more.

  2. MikeTysonKO says:

    The problem is in Washington where they pass the bad laws and regulations that have lead to our financial crisis. Get real and go to Washington or go home!

  3. 8_~-~_8 says:

    You don’t see any illegals out there marching do ya? Thats because even they can find jobs and are too busy working.

    1. Nancy Hill says:

      Have you seen the news lately, illegals are going back to Mexico because they can’t find work here.

  4. steve says:

    there are problems and issues let the people protest and stop whining about them the job market does suck banks are to blame as is wall street and the government also employers are taking advantage of the employee healthcare retirement and prices of commodities so back off and let them have a go the government sucks when they cannot work together to help run a more fair and just system

  5. seeker says:

    it seems to be distraction movement or a ruse some body could of thought up to distract the cops while they get away with their crimes. well at least it did not work as well so its likely their will be possible bombings ahead to create more civil dispute. the reason behind this idea is that one protester would take charge thinking he’s the hero and whatnot unless the disorganization is being created by the partner of this master mind. this pretty cleaver way to do it using the depression of the time to serve as a distraction.

  6. Anthony Lee Vanover says:

    If anyone from Yuba-Sutter is out there, please join this group.

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